Wuon-Gean Ho talks at Indiana University Bloomington

Wuon-Gean Ho gave a zoom talk at Indiana University Bloomington, USA on 15th September 2020, about how she moved from graduating as a vet 20 years ago to her current position at the Centre for Fine Print Research (CFPR) as a Research Associate. Her talk included animations and short film clips as well as showing her latest print series, which started during her fellowship at the Royal Academy Schools in London in 2016.

Students spent 45 minutes after the talk interviewing her. They had researched her previous work and had questions regarding the prize-winning artist books that she has made; her commissions for The Royal Mint Lunar Calendar series of coins from 2014–18; and the Feast commission for HKK restaurant in London in 2017. There were some questions regarding technique and material choices; the influence of living and studying in East Asia, and the role of humour in visual narrative.

Wuon-Gean mentioned some of the research currently underway by colleagues such as Fabio D’Agnano (Associate Professor at CFPR) and the robotic drawing machine, and extended a warm invitation to students to join the IMPACT printmaking conference –– a printmaking conference which was launched by CFPR in 1998 –– that will be hosted by Hong Kong online in April 2021.

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