The Engaged Surface Symposium – cultural heritage and visual impairment, 22 April 2020

The Centre for Fine Print Research is pleased to invite you to the first Symposium for The Engaged Surface: exploring how artists and designers can transform the ways that people with visual impairment encounter cultural heritage. 

Please find out more and register here.

Cultural institutions face a growing challenge to make their collections and digital archives accessible in innovative ways that appeal to diverse audiences – both in order to deliver public benefit in line with their civic responsibilities and to address audiences’ needs and evolving expectations. Adults and children who are blind or partially sighted constitute an audience segment who currently face significant barriers to experiencing cultural heritage in museums, galleries, libraries, archives and cognate cultural institutions. Digital technology offers high potential to transcend these barriers and help them enjoy and better understand a painting, a book, an artefact or an installation in a museum.

Our longer-term research goal is to address the question: how will the proposed activities generate genuine and novel interaction across boundaries and so lead to advances in understanding? We wish to extend the reach of the research beyond curatorial tools to navigation – for example, exploring how people with visual impairment can safely navigate from one point to another across a city or in a building, enjoy a cultural place, or gain insights of objects that are too large to apprehend.

The Symposium will consist of presentations and interactive demonstrations exploring new methods and best practice for translating images into textured surfaces and 3D objects that enhance how audiences encounter elements of tangible cultural heritage. These may include: artificial intelligence, cross-platform software and interactive artefacts, mobile technology and GPS.

Lunch and refreshments will be provided.

We currently have a call out for presentations and interactive demonstrations for the day. If you are interested in presenting on the day, please find out more here. The deadline for submissions is Monday 2 March.



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