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The Centre is active in researching and developing methods of data presentation and retrieval that caters to the needs of fine art related issues. To date a number of comprehensive databases have been constructed. These include: the CFPR Collotype Database, featuring over 900 entries dealing with many historical, technical and aesthetic aspects of the process; the Woodburytype Database, which documents the process in a similar manner; and the Royal Society of Painter Printmakers, which archives their print collection dating from its inception in 1885 to the present.

Innovation in Enamel Jewellery database

Collotype printing process

Woodburytype printing process

The Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers *If prompted for a password when first accessing the Painter Printmakers database, please choose ‘Guest’ and then click ‘login’.

The International Contemporary Vitreous Enamel Archive

The Tate Print Collection

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