Tom McDonagh

Tom McDonagh, Research Technician

Tom joins the Centre for Fine Print Research in November 2019 as a Technician in Product Design, as part of the Expanding Excellence in England investment from Research England.

Tom graduated with first class honours in MSci in Physics from the University of Bristol in 2009 followed by a Masters in Biology from Rockefeller University in 2014. The results of his undergraduate final year project were published in the Royal Society Interfaces Journal in 2013. He has previously worked as a research technician at the University of Bristol conducting experiments using micro-force spectroscopy and atomic force microscope imaging to assess the force measurement of pollen adhesion. Tom has expertise in machining, digital fabrication technologies including 3D printing and laser cutting, CAD software, Matlab, LabView and Arduino.

Tom is a freelance visual artist and educator and a member of the Moving Object Group, Pervasive Media Studio, Puppet Place, Network for Creative Enterprise and Jamaica Street Artists.  In 2016 he was commissioned to co-create a Robot Circus at We The Curious with John Polatch.

MATLAB, CNC machining, 3D printing, Fusion 360, Laser cutting, Kinematics, Photoshop, LabView, Digital Fabrication


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