Shaila Afroj

Senior Research Fellow Graphene-Based Wearable Electronics

Dr Shaila Afroj is currently a Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Fine Print Research (CFPR), UWE Bristol (UK). She is currently investigating into graphene and other functional nanomaterials-based technologies aimed at developing scalable and cost-effective coatings and printing onto various substrate for functional and wearable electronics applications.

She has about 12 years of industry and academic experience since she graduated as a textile chemist in 2008. She has experience of managing a textiles laboratory for the sourcing team of a high street fashion retailer (C&A), and working for world leading testing company Intertek (UK) before starting a PhD at the National Graphene Institute (NGI) of the University of Manchester.

In her PhD, she investigated into developing next generation graphene-coated or printed wearable e-textiles under supervision of Nobel Laureate Prof Sir Kostya S Novoselov. After completing her PhD, she joined NGI as a Research Associate. During her PhD and post-doctoral work, she co-developed several novel and highly scalable graphene-based wearable technologies, which resulted in high quality peer reviewed publications, and also attracted significant commercial interests.

Her current research interest includes exfoliation and functionalisation of graphene and other nanomaterials, and their formulations to be used for highly scalable fabrication techniques such as coating and printing for high-performance multi-functional products, and flexible wearable electronics applications.

Area Of Expertise
Graphene and Other 2D Materials
Wearable Elelectronics
Smart Textiles and Functional Clothing
Printing (Inkjet and Screen) and Coatings
Recycled Polymer Composites and Fibres/Yarns (rPET and rPC)
Circular Economy

Research Topics/Interests
Graphene and Other 2D Material based Wearable Electronics; Recycled Polymer-Based Composites

BSc, MA, PhD

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