Sean Butterworth

Sean joined CFPR in 2021 having a great interest in advanced and functional materials particularly around leveraging printing and coating techniques. He currently leads early stage research programmes studying materials and technologies for the Advanced Technical Solutions business within BAE Systems Air Sector. This programme covers off material research for microwave and electro-optic applications for defence.

Previous to this Sean worked for a SME in Nottingham on hydrothermal and solvothermal synthesis of nanomaterials with a focus on process optimisation and formulation for various industry areas from composites to printed electronics.

Sean is a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry as well as the Institute of Minerals Mining and Materials, and holds a Master of Chemistry degree along with a PhD in materials chemistry both from Manchester University.

This varied background from; inks and formulation, nanomaterial synthesis, colloid and polymer science, composites and printed electronics brings a unique perspective to advanced and functional materials research.

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