Sarah Bradicich

Having recently completed her MA in Multidisciplinary Printmaking with CFPR, Sarah is continuing her work at CFPR, researching letterpress and book arts as well as running the Artist’s Book Club. Her practice, under the name About Blank, focuses on issues such as mental health and environmentalism and the subtle intersectionality of them. Sarah looks at making art in the in-between, the space that allows her corpus of work to explore important issues but still sometimes have the freedom for silly doodles. She hopes that her work enlightens viewers on certain current issues as well as inspires others to explore their creativity without boundaries.

Sarah’s recent projects include the social action print shop, Facility Print, which was held in the Centre of Gravity exhibition in Bristol, the Modular Type Project led by Dr Angie Butler, and the Imprints of New Modernist Editing Workshop in Edinburgh in partnership with the University of Glasgow. 

Recent publications Sarah has worked on include Word Binding, a collaborative work by the Artist’s Book Club, and Esopus Freak, a zine collective and digital magazine. Sarah is interested in the history of Artistic Publishing and its use today, which she hopes to explore during her time at CFPR.

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