Paul Worgan

Dr Paul Worgan, Senior Research Fellow

Paul’s research focuses on energy transfer to wearable and mobile computing devices.

The research centres on ambient mobile computing charging where wearable, smart devices and smart fabrics appear to charge themselves. Ambient charging aims to unburden the user from being a necessity for smart device charging and enable computers to better integrate and blend into the background of our lives.

Paul completed a PhD at the University of Bristol in 2017 where he researched using inductive power transfer coils embedded within our everyday environments, such as a home or office, to provide energy to power smartphone and wearable devices.

Paul has developed his research expertise during postdocs at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Bartlett School of Architecture and most recently running the prototyping lab at the Health Technology Hub at UWE.

Areas of expertise

Inductive power transfer


Digital fabrication including 3D printing and CNC milling

Finite element simulation


PhD, MSc, BSc

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