Nashid Sharif

Dr Nashid Sharif is a Research Associate in the College of Arts, Technology and Environment (CATE) in UWE, Bristol. She is currently working in an inter-disciplinary research project supported by Vice-Chancellor’s Challenge Fund (VC CF) 2022-23. Her work is based in the Centre for Print Research (CFPR) and School of Engineering, Frenchay Campus. Her research focus is on development and characterisation of Shape Changing Bio-Composites with programmable behaviour for 4D Printing.

She completed her PhD in Materials Science from Fitzwilliam College, University of Cambridge with a fully funded prestigious international scholarship from IDB-Cambridge Commonwealth, European and International Trust. Her PhD Thesis entitled “Design of titania photocatalytic membranes containing fine ceramic fibres for water treatment.” She developed a range of research abilities and learned how to liaise with the industrial partner and other collaborators associated with the project to deliver project milestone and follow-ups on time. She achieved good verbal and written communication ability by presenting her work through oral & poster presentation in post-graduate seminars.

She holds a Masters and Bachelor’s (Honours) in Applied Chemistry and Chemical Technology from the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Her Masters research was in Synthetic and Analytical Chemistry with Design of Experiment and Statistical Study from which she has several publications.

Before doing a PhD, she has been engaged in Teaching for a few years, as a lecturer in Chemistry, Textile and Environmental Science in more than one university. Her experience in academia spanned over Theoretical and Lab-based Courses along with Student Supervision, Project Management and Evaluation.

She has briefly worked in the Science Faculty Industrial Placement Team, University of Bath where her role ranged from Student Profile Management and Support, and Career Advising to Seeking Placement and Collaboration Opportunities.   

With a combination of background knowledge and expertise in Applied Chemistry and Materials Science, she looks for delivering research outcomes to encompass design and application of advanced sustainable materials for future. She is very much interested to know about any possible collaborative research opportunities.

Research Expertises/Analytical Skills:

Materials Science:

– Design, characterisation and use of photocatalytic membranes for water purification with potential for large scale production, using low-cost fine-scale alumina fibres and Titanium dioxide photocatalysts via wet-laying, casting, compression & heat treatment.

–  Application of titania-based sol-gel via thin layer coating and sedimentation of titania nanoparticles from dispersion to incorporate in photo-active membranes. 

– Structural & mechanical investigation, pore architecture, porosity, specific surface area,

– Flow property studies, such as, pressure gradient, flux and specific permeability.

– Photocatalytic efficiency examination, via dye degradation test during liquid flow.

– Characterisation techniques, such as, SEM, XRD, DSC, TGA, UV-Visible spectroscopy, BET surface area and BJH adsorption isotherm.

Synthetic and Analytical Chemistry with Statistical Study:

– Purification of product, Fractional Distillation with reflux, Solvent Extraction.

– Spectroscopic techniques of IR, UV, NMR, Mass Spectroscopy.

– Design of Experiment (DoE) for screening out significant reaction variables, Statistical analysis to predict the theoretical yield of a product.

Research Topics/Interests:

Advanced Sustainable Materials, Smart and Multi-Functional Materials, Bio Polymers, Bio Composites, Ceramic Fibres, Membrane, Photocatalysis, Titanium Dioxide, Water Treatment, Environment


BSc (Honours), MSc, PhD

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