Mohammad Hamidul Islam

Dr Mohammad Hamidul Islam, Research Fellow (Graphene-Based Printed Electronics and Smart Composites)

I am a Research Fellow for Graphene-Based Printed Electronics and Smart Composites at the Centre for Fine Print Research (CFPR), UWE Bristol (UK). I have about 20 years experience in Universities and companies related to polymer science, textile technology, composites and materials science. Currently investigating into graphene and other 2D materials-based technologies aimed at developing scalable and cost-effective natural and synthetic fibre smart composites and wearable textiles.

Before that, I completed my second PhD in Material Science from the University of Manchester on the topic of Tow scale dry fibre architecture for high-performance ductile composites. My PhD research was a part of collaborative research with the University of Bristol under the EPSRC program of High-Performance Ductile Composites Technology (HiperDuCT). I also completed two industrial projects one with Volute, USA and another one with AMRC, Sheffield at the same time working on my PhD project.

I also obtained an MSc (1998) and another PhD (2001) from Shinshu University (Japan) on Materials Science and Engineering. I graduated as a Textiles Engineer (1994) from Bangladesh University of Textiles. I worked for one year as a post-doctoral research fellow (2002-2003) at Shinshu University and studied the bending actuation of the PU film with carbon nanofiber as an electrode. I also worked as a Manager (QCA) (2001-2002 and 2003-2006) for Padma Textile (Beximco) the largest textile industry in Bangladesh.

My current research interests include process development for graphene or nanomaterials based natural or synthetic fibre preforms for high-performance smart composites. Develop a process for manufacturing a graphene-based multi-functional filament for smart textile. I am also interested in making graphene-based printed electronic for personalised healthcare and high-performance functional clothing applications.

Experiences and Expertise: 

Dry fibre hybrid architecture (carbon/glass micro-wrapped hybrid tow, commingling tape).

Textile manufacturing process (Spinning, 2D and 3D weaving, dyeing, printing and coating).

Composite manufacturing, multi-scale testing and characterization

Manufacturing of complex shape composites and added multi-functionality to the composites such as a heating element.

Graphene and other 2D materials

Research Topics/Interests
Graphene-Based Printed Electronics and Smart Composites
BSc, MSc, PhD
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