Jessica Ho

Ms Jessica Ho was appointed as a Visiting Fellow at the Centre for Fine Print Research in 2021. She is a lecturer, researcher, author and artist. Jessica has an interdisciplinary practice that includes painting, etching, video, publishing, writing and curation. Her work mainly considers how different practices present and describe social, cultural, historical and environmental context. Collaborating regularly with private and public sectors, her work is displayed in museums, galleries and commercial corporations.

Jessica’s research focuses on the practical considerations of compositional, textural and tonal details in creating physical and digital drawings that can best be realised and reproduced in different printing materials. In 2019, she worked with the Centre for Fine Print Research on an experimental project producing etching prints of the Bristol City. In recent years, Jessica has also worked with a number of famous commercial corporations on how to create appealing murals and paintings printed on different materials for their offices and outlets.    

Jessica has worked at Vocational Training Council, Hong Kong (VTC) for 16 years as a lecturer and Programme Leader. She has also held Programme Coordinator and Module Leader posts in VTC’s collaborative BA Illustration programmes with Coventry University and Birmingham City University. She has presented topics on vocational education and Project Based Learning at a number of conferences as well as being a leader in numerous VTC’s collaborative projects with the Hong Kong Museum of Art, the Hong Kong Heritage Museum, renowned Hong Kong artists and printing institutions. She is a collaborator and maintains that art practice can both aesthetical and functional. 

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