Huw Robson

For the last fifteen years Huw has been a research manager and director for Hewlett Packard Labs, HP’s corporate research group, with responsibilities for Media Technologies and Pervasive Computing. During this time his lab’s research projects have developed digital colour-copier imaging pipelines, intelligent capture technologies for digital photography, image understanding approaches to image retrieval, and more physical technologies including paper-like plastic displays manufactured using print-like processes, early research in to electronic readers and award-winning embedded digital storage for paper and objects (Memory Spot). The lab also co-founded the Bristol-based Pervasive Media Studio.

Huw was co-founder and director for the major HP Europe philanthropy project “Art and Science” which promoted the innovative use of technology to support the creation, conservation and communication of art. The programme brought together renowned museums and galleries, including the National Gallery, Louvre and Uffizi, together with leading schools of art and design and academic research groups including CFPR. This was the start of a long a fruitful partnership with CFPR which saw the group push HP’s large format printers to the limits in the creative process.

Further collaboration continued with “Art Exchange” engaging schools across Europe to share art across the internet and so bridge the cultural and language divides. Prior to HP Huw had a rich career in the then emerging field of interactive multimedia and video-graphics. He is an alumni of University College Cardiff, is an associate with Forum for the Future, an scientific advisor for the Royal Photographic Society and recently a trustee of Wildscreen. Huw was appointed as a UWE Visiting Professor in 2010 and for the next three years he will work with CFPR in developing industry-focused strategy and collaborations.

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