Harrie Fuller

Trainee Print Technician

Harrie Fuller joined CFPR in 2020 as Dr Susanne Klein’s Trainee Print Technician. She helps to facilitate practical aspects of the ESPRC funded Woodbury and Lippmann project. The work focuses on traditional print techniques, aiming to produce high-quality prints that will be suitable for use in a variety of industries from advertising to fashion and security. Alongside Harrie’s work with Susanne, she is studying an apprenticeship with the British Printing Industries Foundation.  

Before joining CFPR Harrie completed a BA in Fine Art at UWE Bristol, graduating in 2018. In her practice, Harrie focuses on creating multi-part sculptures and imagery, reflecting her interest in a variety of disciplines including print, casting, sculpture, drawing and analogue photography. She is fascinated with people and her work often focuses on elevating mundane aspects of everyday life to high importance. Play and experimentation are at the forefront of her process heavy practice – she enjoys pushing materials and ideas until they develop new narratives and meaning. Collaboration is important in Harrie’s work – she enjoys exchanging conversations, ideas and skills to create enticing prints, sculptures, textiles and photography.

Alongside her love of the arts, Harrie is also a qualified boat master and works part-time at Bristol Community Ferry Boats.

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