Elizabete Kozlovska

Elizabete Kozlovska joined the CFPR at the start of 2021, as a Research Associate for the ESPRC funded Woodbury and Lippmann project, working with Harrie Fuller and Dr. Susanne Klein. With the focus on historic photomechanical processes, the aim of the research is to adapt old printing technologies for production of high quality prints for commercial use, such as advertising, packaging and fashion. With her in depth knowledge of historic photographic processes and conservation, Elizabete focuses on developing a better understanding of the Lippmann plate.

Before joining CFPR Elizabete completed a degree in Conservation and pursued further education in History of Art, combining her passion for art and science. This led her to become a Photographic Conservation Trainee at Historic England. Her interest in the Heritage field includes digitising of 2D and 3D objects, material science, and the historic context of museum objects. Finding creative ways for breathing life into antiques and discovering their previous lives is her day-to-day goal.

In addition, Elizabete is an avid collector of old cameras and photographic post cards.

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