Intaglio Printmakers Prize 2019







Congratulations to Niamh Fahy, MAMDP alumna and CFPR Research Associate, who was awarded the 2019 Intaglio Printmakers’ Prize at Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair at the weekend.

The selected work, ‘Nothing Here But You’, forms part of a large body of interdisciplinary work that reflects on the continuously changing cycles of the mountain. Considering the intimate and complex connection between memory and the landscape, the mountain here transforms from the physical to the metaphorical. Influenced by Nan Shepherd’s The Living Mountain, Niamh draws on ideas of embodiment and transformation that extend from the geological to the psychological experience of landscape. Each piece has been created in response to the other; large scale relief prints suggest movement or shift through subtle interventions within the image; a dialogue of dichotomy weaves throughout the series as small etchings, and elements of stitch respond to the intimate relationship of memory within the landscape. Through the interdisciplinary nature of the materials and process, the work becomes suspended between movement and stillness, resistance and surrender and an apparent longing to reconnect a fragmented memory.

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