We are thrilled to promote your printmaking studios.

South Atlantic Press

Etching press, woodcut, monotype, relief printmaking, South African printmaking

South Atlantic Press is a printmaking studio in Cape Town, South Africa. We invite artists to participate in residency programmes to produce quality limited edition fine art prints. All woodcuts, linocuts, monotypes and etchings are hand pulled on an etching press in our studio.

Our well-equipped studio is comfortable to work in and a space primed for collaboration and experimentation. We are committed to making archival prints, discussing the value of print and supporting the printmaking community.

Project Fish

It is time to take a new approach to printmaking.

Theme: Breaking Boundaries

Project Fish invites printmakers to join in transitioning paintings into prints. These paintings are about Fish and Heritage. The paintings transition into poetry and video. Printmakers further this journey, developing a visual language for the rising sea levels of climate change, making pictorial images. Apprehending a visual image is one thing. Comprehending a visual image, is another. Perception of a visual image requires apprehension and comprehension, both turning into understanding. Invoking emotions.

In work without apocalypse, printmakers are invited to invoke feelings, to convince their audience that rising sea levels impact personal lives and heritage. That new paradigms for society arrive because of climate change. What - to us - is normal changes, to be abnormal for us in our time, but this new normal is normal for future generations. This new normal is surreal to us. Surrealism is embedded in climate science visions of the future, foretelling a new normal that is abnormal. To match this, new paradigms for visual language are needed. If the world is going to change, so must print making art, as always it does, to reflect temporality.

Require the audience to suspend belief, to picture themselves underwater, submerged, with fish or fish living in the terrestrial. With heritage lost to the sea. The unthinkable. Translate emotions about these narratives and metaphors into climate action.

Contribute to making a new type of mixed media collection. Picture printmakers as story tellers to their artistic peers, exploring a new visual culture. There are untold possibilities awaiting discovery, for influencing positive social change. Including the development of blue humanities. Experimenting to find new stories to tell, all of which have their root in climate science and water. Which are roots also of sustainability goals #6 clean water, #14 life below water, and #15 life on land. To which the UNESCO Decade of the Ocean relates. Make work for showing at the next IMPACT 12.

Funen printmaking studio

Photogravure, Lithography, Linocut, Etchings, Woodcut

Theme: The Printmakers Garden
Funen Printmaking Studio is a private institution for printmaking artists from all over the world.
We have approximately 300 members from 20 different nations. The printing process is magical and attracts curious people. Our members strive to master the magic each and every day. We have two studios and a gallery located nearby the house of Hans Christian Andersen in Odense, Denmark.

In the studio there are different options for working with techniques such as intaglio, etching, relief, linoleum printing, woodcut, photogravure and lithography on a stent printing press. The studio is only used by our members and guest artists.

TYPA Studio

Letterpress, museum, residency, papermaking, etching, photography

TYPA was founded in the spring of 2010 as a private museum to fill the gap within memory institutions and save the last surviving letterpress machines and equipment. Since its establishment, its aim has been to work as a functioning museum and visitor centre. In 2020, we received the ILUCIDARE Special Prize for our innovative approach, which was awarded for our distinctive solution to preserving cultural heritage.

TYPA is not only a museum but a print and paper arts centre. We are an active studio, hosting workshops, exhibitions, and a residency. TYPA Stationery brand produces unique notebooks, albums, and bookcases made of recycled materials. Our antique equipment is in working order and available for printing custom-order works, as well as for use by local and international printmakers . We run a residency program, inviting two international artists every month to make use of our etching studio, darkroom, paper kitchen or letterpress museum. We welcome visitors, interested in learning about the secrets of papermaking, the history of printing, and letterpress equipment and other exciting machinery that is used in one way or another in the art of papermaking or book manufacturing.

Jacoub Reyes Studios

Large-scale woodblock, woodcut, sustainable, eco-friendly, BIPOC, community initiatives, interactive installations, mural workshops

Theme: Climate, Sustainability, Colonialism
Jacoub Reyes Studios hosts independent workshops specializing in large-scale woodblocks and found materials.

They use a variety of sustainable and eco-friendly printmaking techniques to create their editions. We also specialize in mural workshops, screen printing, and other printmaking techniques that can be printed by hand, without a press. This idea creates a print network that is sustainable and accessible at any level.


Working with processes- exploring image making in Monotype, Collagraph, Etching, Stone Lithography, Relief, Recycled materials

Theme: Exploring print, surface, size and technique.
SLAUGHTERHAUS Print Studio, based in Stockwell, south London, is an independent artist-led printmaking space, shared by a collective group of artist printmakers. Our vision is to create a supportive environment that encourages experimentation, collaboration and engagement with print.

We run a varied programme of artist and specialist talks, classes and exhibitions, and award an annual student prize, giving recent graduates access to equipment and mentoring. We are open to, and welcome new ideas for exciting projects that expand beyond traditional views of print and printmaking today.

The studio offers access to specialist printmaking equipment for experienced printmakers, professional opportunities for artists, and a wide range of artist delivered courses in printmaking, drawing and book arts. The studio is open for members access, courses, workshops and exhibitions, and you can drop in at any time to see members prints for sale.

Belfast Print workshop

Screen printing, Etching, Lithography, Lino & wood printing, Photo Intaglio, Textile printing

Theme: Fully accessible, low toxic print workshop in the heart of Belfast, Northern Ireland.
Belfast Print Workshop was established in 1977 to welcome artists interested in the practice and promotion of the art of printmaking. In 2020 we opened a new in-house gallery space where members and visiting artists can exhibit their work.

Belfast Print Workshop is a low toxic environment. We offer a variety of courses for all ability levels. We are fully accessible to those with disabilities including wheelchair users. We offer a year round programme of exhibitions and events in both our in-house gallery and galleries and arts venues throughout the island.

Spike Print Studio

learn, share, open, access, professional, etching, screenprinting, letterpress, relief, photopolymer

Theme: love of print artists collaboration community learning expertise
Established in 1976 by Peter Reddick RWA, Spike Print Studio is a leading open access print studio in the UK and a recognised centre for the exploration and creation of print. It is an important regional asset and is a dynamic place for all to develop their creativity through printmaking. The studio provides open access to professional equipment and the expertise of its staff and tutors. Through its Learning Programme, membership, editioning and exhibitions it secures a progressive and confident future for its community and widens participation in print.

Spike Print Studio is versatile, generous and open minded, a great place for artists and the public to discover or develop their relationship with art.

We are self funded and do not rely on grants for our sustainability but only to create wider access for people unable to afford to participate.

It doesn’t matter who you are and how you use the studio, the benefits of learning to print can make people happier by enabling them to express themselves, having the freedom to fail, persevere, focus and collaborate. Knowledge is shared easily in an open access print studio. The studio has a strong entrepreneurial spirit and attracts artists from a wide range of disciplines.

Bainbridge Print Studios

Open access print, screenprint, intaglio, relief, artist studios, workshops, courses

Theme: Open access print facilities for screenprint and intaglio/relief processes, workshops and courses, artist studios and desk spaces.
We are an open access print studio with two workshops in South London: Elephant & Castle and Croydon. Each studio provides open access print facilities seven days a week for members with both screenprint and intaglio/relief processes available, artist studios and desk spaces plus a varied programme of workshops taught by professional artists and designers.

Zona Imaginaria

Residency / Workshop / Social engagement / collaborative work / Non-toxic printmaking / Sustainability / Silkscreen / Ceramic / Glass / Serigraph / Digital Prints and Video 

Theme: Residency Project and contemporary graphic studio.
Zona Imaginaria · Residency project + Graphic Studio
Specially oriented and equipped for graphics, the workshop of Zona Imaginaria seeks to facilitate the production and development of projects, using the infrastructure of the space, relating the production of each artist with the context of contemporary art. It is proposed the crossing between the artists who attend the workshops and those who come to the Residence project “Who can live in this house?” to generate a space for collective reflection that includes and enriches the projects themselves.
Zona Imaginaria is located in the outskirts of Buenos Aires, Argentina. This is a zone where art becomes the intersection that enables interpersonal relationships and the symbolic exchange among artists, communities and everyone involved.
In 2008, Zona opened its doors as the Artists’ Residency “Who can live in this house?” The project aims to bring together national and international artists in dialogue with the local community, proposing the re-framing of their production towards a reflective practice in the context of contemporary art. Zona also offers free workshops for children and young, linking artists from around the world with the community of Villa Jardin. The multilayering of these activities is what has shaped Zona throughout its history and what defines it today.

Graphic Studio Dublin

Irish printmakers, studio, gallery, education, collaborations

Theme: The Printmakers Garden

Graphic Studio Dublin is the longest-established and largest Irish printmaking studio with a gallery dedicated to presenting fine-art print. Funded by The Arts Council and our 80 artist members, Graphic Studio Dublin enables artists to make and exhibit prints including etching, screenprinting, photointaglio, carborundum, linoprint, woodcut, mokuhanga, letterpress, mezzotint & lithography. We provide IT, digital output and production support and creative, educational and engagement opportunities for artists and the public to explore printmaking. Recent graduates are supported through graduate awards and graduate membership rates.

Artist & Studio Programmes include a Visiting Artists programme, collaborating with highly regarded Irish and international artists, to create prints supported by our Master Printers. The sale of this work through our gallery supports the funding of the studio. Our Education programme is run annually across all print media on a weekend, weekly, or evening basis. Courses are taught by experienced printmakers, most of whom are members. International residencies and exchange programmes, including annual residencies for non-printmaking artists, funded by County Councils are offered. Collaborations and commissions from corporate bodies allow for the production of large editions of work by chosen artists, created with the support of our Master Printers and printed by studio artists.

The Print Laboratory

The print studio at the Dunedin School of Art

Theme: Print down under!
The Dunedin School of Art is Aotearoa New Zealand’s oldest tertiary art school, providing art education to students for over 150 years. Under the umbrella of Otago Polytechnic as a subsidiary of Te Pukenga, our print studio offers undergraduate & postgraduate certificate, diploma and degree programmes.

The Print Laboratory philosophy is to engage students in professional development through co-operation, collaborations in the community, workshops, custom print projects and exhibitions.
The studio is well-equipped with resources for intaglio, relief and water-based screenprinting while offering students access to the wider Dunedin School of Art studios and Otago Polytechnic’s research facility to further extend projects. Along with the degree programmes, the studio provides community education outreach, offering night classes in screenprinting and day classes in intaglio and relief printing.

Open Studio

artist-run centre, art education, screenprinting, etching, lithography, analogue, exhibitions, collection, collaborative printmaking, access, open studio, community

Theme: Contemporary Printmaking in the heart of downtown Toronto

Open Studio is an Artist-Run Centre (ARC) dedicated to contemporary print located in Toronto. We offer accessible, inclusive and affordable printmaking facilities, programs and services for artists and the public across Canada and abroad. We support artists in the creation and exhibition of contemporary print in an open-minded, safe and collaborative environment. Our vision is to shape the exploration of print as essential, dynamic, and relevant to contemporary culture and creative thought. We are a non-profit, charitable organization.

Art Print Residence

Intaglio, etching, relief, woodcut, lithography on wood, photo-etching, photopolymer, artist books, collagraph, monoprint, eco-friendly studio, artist residencies, workshops, courses

Theme: The Printmakers Garden

Art Print Residence is a professional Printmaking Studio specializing in intaglio etching and other printmaking methods. We provide a welcoming creative space for printmakers from all over the world and studio space for local artists. We are located in Arenys de Munt, close to Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain).

Art Print Residence offers the convenience of being close to the city with the peace and quiet of a rural setting. We are self-funded and do not rely on grants for our sustainability. Our organization was founded in 1992.

The accommodation in the residency consists of private/shared rooms in a shared apartment.

The studio offers access to specialist printmaking equipment for experienced printmakers and a wide range of courses in printmaking for those new to the processes.

Our fully-equipped studio is a comfortable place to work in. We have 5 etching presses and a large variety of printmaking tools, papers for printing, plates, and other supplies. Art Print Residence hosts independent workshops specializing in large-scale prints.

Atelier Salamandre

Screenprinting, Serigraphie, Bookart, Artistsbooks, Pochoir, Livredartistes, Printmaking, PrintinginBrittany

Theme: Screen printing

Salamandre is a screen printing workshop in central Brittany, with a focus on making artists' books run by ottoGraphic and Zitrone Printmaking. Otto set up the workshop in 2021 after handing over his first workshop, Marshfield Screen Print to printmakers in Bath.

Atelier Salamandre is equipped with a large format Kippax hand bench, large drying rack, exposure unit, washout unit, lightbox, A0 inkjet printer for positives, Photoshop and guillotines. Attached is a small self-contained living space available for rent. It has its own entrance, a bathroom, small kitchen and mezzanine bedroom. The gite is available on AirBnB. Belonging to the buildings is a garden and a large terrain to explore.

Salamandre is situated on the edge of Gouarec, an attractive village with bars, restaurants and shops. It is crossed by the canal Nantes à Brest, which offers excellent cycling and walking possibilities. Beaches are an hour or two away by car to the north, west and south.

Applications for residencies are welcome, the cost depends on your level of proficiency, and requirement of tuition. The gite currently costs 322€ per week.

Art Horizon Printmaking Workshop

Chinese Traditional Woodblock Printing, Collagraph, Digital Prints, Mono Prints, Waterless Lithography

Theme: The Printmakers Garden

Art Horizon Printmaking Workshop was established in Fo Tan, Hong Kong, in 2000. The printmaking workshop is not-for-profit. It aims to promote printmaking that promotes quality and scholarly exchange through various events, public exhibitions, demonstrations, exchange programs, publications and research projects.

Over the past two decades, Art Horizon has been actively promoting print activities and exhibitions internationally and locally. Organized and participated in exhibitions, including Art Horizon 20 Print! Hong Kong, Direction: Print · Hybrid, International Multidisciplinary Printmaking Conference, Busan International Print Festival, Macau Printmaking Triennial, Langkawi Art Biennial, etc. Published printmaking research books/papers, including Art on Paper – Hong Kong Prints, A Comparative Study of Printmaking in Jiangsu, Heilongjiang and Hong Kong Post 1949, Dialogue between printmaking and painting, Marks of Water and Ink: Jane Liu's Imagery in Lithograph, etc.

DCA Print Studio

screen-printing / etching / wood and lino-cutting / lithography / papermaking / 3D printing / risography / digital imaging / photography / photo-processing

Theme: Get Creative

DCA Print Studio offers state-of-the-art expertise and equipment for printmaking and related activities, for beginners right through to established artists. We have a huge range of equipment for both traditional printing and creating digital artworks, with our studio housing everything from a Victorian relief press to 3D printers and a laser cutter.

With a track record in combining traditional and contemporary techniques in new and unexpected ways, we’ve worked with artists on a range of projects, from limited editions created by artists exhibiting in DCA Galleries to specially commissioned works.

We also run a year-round programme of courses and workshops, with taster sessions and beginners courses right through to more advanced techniques. One-to-one tuition for all equipment can be arranged and anyone can become a registered Print Studio user, allowing them open access to the space.

The brightly lit studio space is a flexible working environment, with professional equipment that can be safely used by trained non-professionals. It has low-level working and storage with wide access routes to facilitate wheelchair manoeuvrability and ease of use by people with mobility impairment.

In partnership with Freelands Foundation.

Mara Cozzolino Atelier Xilografie

waterbased printing, woodblock, mokuhanga, non toxic, japanese paper, japanese tools, whiteline woodcut, japanese woodcut

Theme: Printmaking Garden

My atelier-studio in in the Medieval part of a small city quite close to Turin, North West Italy. In my studio I only use natural materials so I only use water-based printing techniques, and my work is focused on Japanese woodcut and White line woodcut, . Part of my studio is dedicated to a gallery of my work, while another part id dedicated mostly to workshops. I organise on demand workshop for small groups or individual student on both Japanese woodcut and White-line woodcut, I also assist former students in developing their own projects and edition prints.

Aviário Studio - Creative Playground

creative playground, multidisciplinary, artist residencies, classes, workshops, studio access, printmaking, ceramics, wood, metal, photography

Theme: Printability and Transmutability

Aviário Studio is a creative hub in central Portugal. The studios are located in an old renovated aviary, surrounded by nature (situated in an enchanted valley), 2 km away from the center of Ferreira do Zêzere.

This studio is run by artists, for artists. Our field of action covers: research and production in Visual Arts, Design and Communication; Artist Residencies Programs; and workshops and classes.

The building has a common room for meals, a small library, three toilets – one adapted to reduced mobility – and five workshops of 100 m2 each, equipped to work in various techniques and materials, namely:
- Printmaking - intaglio, relief, monotype, silkscreen
- Ceramics
- Wood
- Metal
- Prototyping
- Analog Photography
- Digital Photography
- Book Binding
- Lacquering
- Vinyl Cut

Officina Stamperia del Notaio

printmaking, photography, Sicily, landscape, lo-fi, rustic, cross-disciplinary, writing, site-specific, analog

Theme: Printability and Transmutability & Cultural Exchange

Officina Stamperia del Notaio is an artist-run international artists' residency program and printmaking studio/darkroom located in the small Sicilian coastal hill town of Tusa, an hour east of Palermo. Opened in 2015 and founded by Serena Perrone and Alfonsina Bellomo, the aim of OSN is to provide a space for artists to work, collaborate, and explore. We're rustic, lo-fi/analog, and the residency is self-directed, although we organize open studio events, artist talks and presentations, screenings, readings, and occasional studio visits from artists and curators in the region, excursions, and gallery, museum, and studio visits.

OSN is ideal for artists and writers who need unstructured time to focus on their work while being close to nature. Residencies are self-funded and range in duration based on the needs of individual artists in a given season, but stays of 3 weeks minimum are preferred. We typically have 3-7 artists at a time ranging all disciplines including writing/research/curation, film/video/animation, installation, printmaking, and darkroom/alt photo. We are family-friendly and welcome partners and children. We also welcome collaborations, student groups, and workshops. The typical residency period runs from mid-April through the end of October. Primary languages spoken are: Italian, English, and French.

De Etser Atelier - Brazil

Community, Creativity, Sustainability, Exhibitions, Workshops, Making

Theme: Breaking Boundaries

De Etser is an Print Studio in São José dos Campos, São Paulo - Brazil, founded in 1998 by Fabio Sapede and George Gutlich. In August 2020, we inaugurated our new place, located in São José dos Campos - SP - Brazil in an incredible rural landscape, the property was part of an old farm called Santa Clara, so we became: "De Etser Santa Clara". This enables us to offer an artistic residency program in printmaking or to receive visual artists, musicians, writers, or anyone who wishes an introspective dive that will undoubtedly result in creative and unique works.

We are not just inaugurating a new studio, but an art and culture complex that will become one of the most important cultural centres in the state of São Paulo - Brazil. We have 3 different studios, the printing studio with complete infrastructure for techniques such as intaglio, etching linoleum, woodcut, lithography, with 2 presses for etching, 2 for litho, lithographic stones and supplies such as papers, tools, inks, etc, are also available.

The manual binding studio, specializing in artist's books, sketchbooks, among many others...
and the painting studio, where we promoted several workshops and spaces enabling large-format canvases.

For more information visite our website:

Grafisk Vaerksted Viborg

Workshop activities, Courses, Residency facilities

Theme: Linocut, Woodcut, Collography, Monotypy, Etching, Photogravure, Intaglio, Lithography, Screen printing

Grafisk Værksted Viborg means: Graphich Workshop Viborg

The workshop/studio offers opportunities and facilities for the practice of graphic art
to a wide group of interested people, professionals, amateurs, students as well as school classes and others.

For the printing museum, Vingaard's Officin, Graphic Workshop is an important element, that visual artists (also younger ones) can gain insight into – and connection to – typography and letterpress, to ensure that the museum's facilities can be preserved for the benefit of interested users in the future.

Creative Spark Print Studio

screenprinting, artist in residence programme, 1-1 mentorship, professional practice, non toxic printmaking, green etching, natgraf, lasercutting and digital fabrication

Theme: sustainable printmaking, community outreach, professional development

Creative Spark Print Studio is a non-profit twenty-four hour access printmaking workshop and visual artists’ resource organisation, committed to providing facilities and opportunities to emerging and established visual artists. The studio aims to provide membership to creative practitioners from Louth and the border areas.
We also have a residency programme on site .Creative Spark is delighted to offer visual artists a residency programme for 2023.Creative Spark is a not-for-profit company established to promote creative and cultural industries, including new and emerging businesses and freelance practitioners, in County Louth, Ireland. Creative Spark provides a dedicated creative training and workspace facility. The Creative Spark Residency Programme will provide opportunities for visual artists and art professionals to research and develop their practices. It will support both emerging and established visual artists working in any medium. Application is by open call and is open to Irish and international applicants .Each residency will be supported by provision of shared studio space.

Vicky Tsalamata Printmaking Studio

innovative printmaking, expanded printmaking, contemporary, digital printmaking, video installation

Theme: Exploring new horizons in contemporary printmaking

We are living an explosion of printmaking as a totally fertile visual language, which is continuously evolving through new narratives and a vast range of innovative procedures.
The exchange of knowledge in printmaking is very important in our day and age. Under an ever-moving reality, in which we are living and creating art, a new sociocultural attitude is being formed with modern codes. Its most distinctive feature being that a transition from the private to the social, from introversion to extroversion.
Vicky Tsalamata Printmaking Studio is a private printmaking studio, established in 1991, in Glyfada City, a suburb along Athens’ coast, owned and managed by Vicky Tsalamata. She is Emeritus Professor at the Athens School of Fine Arts. She was Head Professor of the Second Printmaking Studio, of the Athens School of Fine Arts, a high standard Print Studio for experimental and innovative printmaking, including non-toxic and digital practices.
Her international artistic practice consists of expanded print, international exhibitions, art projects and educational-collaborative workshops followed by curated exhibitions. She made thorough research into the innovative expanded Printmaking art through new technologies and innovative procedures, on Non-Toxic and Polymer Printmaking, combined with Digital Technology. Her work encompasses also print installations and experimental video projects. She has been an Invited Curator and Jury member in numerous international print exhibitions and art symposiums. Her work has been shown in many juried and by invitation International Print Biennials and Triennials, around the world.
In her studio there are two etching presses, with etching beds: 150x200cm. and 50x100cm. for intaglio, relief printing, and polyester lithography. The studio is active in many aspects of exchanging knowledge in printmaking; including workshops, talks and presentations of portfolios of national and international artists. The studio is only used by members and guest artists.

Artlab Contemporary Printmaking Studios

Lithography, intaglio, screenprinting, relief, photopolymer, letterpress, ceramics, textiles.

Theme: Printability and Transmutibility

Artlab Contemporary Print Studios (ACPS) is a practice-based research unit where printmaking connects with other creative disciplines and discourses. The focus of the research unit is contemporary printmaking through expanded practice, where international partnerships, collaboration and experimentation is at the core.

ACPS is a unique mix of tradition and innovation. The studios are run by experienced staff of expert artist printmakers who can provide guidance and technical advice on all aspects of printmaking. The unit is led by two experienced artist-researchers Tracy Hill and Magda Stawarska-Beavan who use printmaking as a significant element of their practice. ACPS is an environment for practitioners to develop, debate, discover and create, applying traditional methods and new technologies.

Housed within the University of Central Lancashire our specialist printmaking facilities sit at the centre of the campus amongst multi-disciplinary studios, research centres, exhibition spaces and extensive creative workshops. The unique facility provides a creative space and professional expertise for artists to develop projects where printmaking is an essential element within expanded practice.

The Pharos Centre

Digital imaging, Ten colour pigment inkjet printing to 1.5 m wide, innovative software strategies, collaboration

Theme: Printability and Transmutability

Thirty years ago in the development of the final year of and undergraduate degree I , inspired by researchers in the USA , I introduced psychophysics of perception to my students. In the 1990s the rapid expansion of computer software and digital printing processes enabled a revolution in my analogue printing processes . In 2004 I commenced Pharos Editions as a collaborative research printmaking studio . A new studio with expanded facilities for digital editing, inkjet printing, ink and substrate examination and reprographics was built in 2010 under the name of The Pharos Centre. The studio has worked with artists nationally and internationally with resulting art works being collected and exhibited in private and public museums and galleries as well as private collections in Oceana, East Asia, Europe and the Americas.
The process followed with each individual artist is firstly to optimise a digital file to international standards using combinations of advanced software , much of it originating in space programs and astro photography. This is the science or physics of the process. Next the artist's desired output is considered within the mental processes that evaluate the final work . This is the psychology of the process involving illusions and dreams. Some artist describe it as magic. Each project is recorded in order that the experimentation and research adds to the body of knowledge. The studio complex is situated in two hectares of gardens near Melbourne, Australia.

Hong Kong Open Printshop

Open, Workshop, Education, Heritage, Culture, Printmaking, Graphic Art, Residency

Theme: A Printshop on the 8/F

Founded in 2000, Hong Kong Open Printshop is Hong Kong’s first non-profit open printshop run by artists. In 2012, Hong Kong Open Printshop registered as a charitable organisation governed by the Board of Directors and Executive Committee, and it's operated by a professional team.

HKOP is dedicated to promoting graphic art, encouraging international cultural exchange, enhancing quality and professional standard in artistic expression, and giving back to the community by preserving local print art culture.

wood + paper + box

Mokuhanga, collaboration, book arts, printmaking, mail art

Theme: Printmakers Garden

Katie, Mariko, and Yoonmi met in 2004 in Awaji, Japan during the Nagawawa Art Park Japanese Woodblock Printmaking Residency, where we studied Japanese-style water-based woodblock printing (mokuhanga). The shared experience of learning a new process, living and working together was profound and inspiring. Through mini-residencies and mailing things we made to each other, we continue this creative dialogue and learning.

Marking our 10 year anniversary, in 2014, we made our first long-distance collaborative work titled wood+paper+box. This work was inspired by our first experiences of learning mokuhanga at Nagasawa Art Park in Japan, and highlights those initial impulses inspired by working, learning and living in a new place together. After completing wood+paper+box, we continued our collaboration and have completed three additional projects: AL>CA>KS, un/fold, and mise en scène. In the fall of 2023 we will be exhibiting all four projects at the Marianna Kistler Beach Museum in Manhattan, KS.

Ireri Topete – CARACOL - Arte – Estudio

Estudio, Taller, Prensa, Grabado, Dibujo, Estampa, Investigación - Producción, Libro de Artista, Tirajes atípicos, Variaciones

Theme: Research and production of graphic work from the fusion and technical variations of the Estampa, for the Production of Artist Books. Work hybridizes between drawing and printing. Varied techniques of engraving in relief and metal, monotype, Stamping with various materials, etc.

Caracol - Arte - Estudio, is a space located in the center of Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico, the studio was founded in 1993 by the Mexican artist Ireri Topete, as a multidisciplinary space for the production and dissemination of artistic work, own and guest colleagues, the same has worked as a small gallery for exhibition of works, as well as workshops, etc.,
Since 2015, the studio was transformed into the engraving workshop, which has the necessary infrastructure to develop the creative research projects that its founder has developed in recent years, within the field of graphic work production.

More Than Reproduction

Artist-run-initiative, Artist Profiles, Event Workshops, Professional Practice, Emerging artists, Women, Promotion

Theme: Promoting emerging printmakers

More Than Reproduction is a Sydney-based artist-run-initiative for emerging creatives with a passion for all things printmaking. They aim to celebrate and promote female and gender diverse artists, curators and creatives, with a particular focus on printmaking practices and themes of femininity, womanhood and equality. They strongly believe in equal representation and opportunity. More Than Reproduction seeks to provide a platform for women in printmaking to have their voice heard and thrive.

More Than Reproduction produces monthly artist profiles, showcasing the talents and achievements of emerging Australian printmakers. They also provide information on upcoming awards and prizes, exhibitions, and gallery call outs. More Than Reproduction also hosts a series of group exhibitions, including an annual International Women’s Day showcase.


Presses for etching and for lino and wood cuts. Etching facilities with wet room.

Theme: Artistic printmaking

ListGraFo studio is a non-commercial print workshop located in the centre of Torshavn, Faroe Islands.

In the studio there are different options for working with techniques such as intaglio, etching, relief, lino- wood cut, photogravure and lithography.

The studio is organized with members, who have full access to the workshop. Guests are also welcome by appointment.

Aberystwyth Printmakers

Lithography, Intaglio, relief printing

Theme: Co operative print studio

Aberystwyth Printmakers operates a printmakers’ workshop just outside Aberystwyth in leafy Brogerddan. The workshop is open to all members of the group. We offer a range of printmaking courses for beginners, supervised sessions for printmakers wanting technical advice and open sessions for experienced members.

The workshop is currently set up for Intaglio, Relief and Lithography. For a full list of our facilities see the equipment list below.

We can do etching with copper plates using traditional wax grounds but we also offer the use of BIG an ink ground developed by Andrew Baldwin, the printmaking technician at the School of Art in Aberystwyth. This is rolled onto the metal plate and then cured on a hot plate or in an oven.

We can and do use other metals and mordants, other than ferric chloride. These are set up on an as needed basis in horizontal baths. In addition to etching the etching presses are also used for drypoint plates and for producing monoprints.

Relief printing – lino, woodcut, collograph etc – is done mostly on the Albion press. For larger prints, however, we have calibrated the Tofko etching press to take a wide range of plate thicknesses and we have used it successfully for relief printing.

We supply a range of printing paper, relief and etching inks, wax and acrylic grounds, tissue paper and newsprint. Our artists can purchase these as required.

Steven Daiber

Hand printing, nature printing, relief print, walking

Theme: Nature Printing

I have returned to a passion I have enjoyed for decades; nature printing. There is a directness to using a fish, tree stump, deer leg or leaf, as the matrix in printing. Working with handmade papers allow for a molding of the matrix to my hands, letting my fingers see the image. Some of my earliest images printed in the 1990’s were conglomerate stone where I took ink, brayer, and burin into the woods to document textures I discovered. The baren I carried was my hand.

During the summer of 2020, I found myself printing large woodcuts from scrap lumber and the resources of the woods surrounding my house. Setting up a 10 x 14 wall tent gave me a seasonal studio with a series of laundry lines to hang printed paper. Using timbered trees often dead before I cut them down, there were more matrices than I knew what to do with. Working with a glass baren allowed me to explore the history of the land where one could see the encroaching forest reclaiming farmland.

The Printery Studio

Collaborative, experimental, multi disciplinary, safe printing, entertaining

Theme: Experimental printmaking for all!

Open access, multi disciplinary printmaking facilities, with courses, tuition and studio space. Our aim is to engage with the community through printmaking, while providing studio time for professional artists and tuition for those new to the processes.

The Printery Studio has a 6 metre fabric printing table, screen bed, etching and relief presses over 2 floors on Mutley Plain in Plymouth. We have a store for supplies and a cosy kitchen area for relaxing. We offer both traditional and experimental etching, aquatint, screen printing for fabric and paper, relief processes, photopolymer, cyanotype and mono printing facilities and courses. The studio is available to hire for individuals or groups to run workshops and hold meetings.


Intaglio, silkscreen, digital, analogue, exhibitions, productions, open access, courses, events

Trykkeriet is a non-commercial printshop located in Bergen, Norway. The printshop first opened its doors in 2010 and is a viable art institution in the Norwegian art scene.

Every year, Trykkeriet initiates new print productions with invited contemporary artists. Each production are in close collaboration between the artists and the staff at Trykkeriet. The productions get exhibited in our own gallery space, and makes up the basis for the Trykkeriet art collection.

Our profile is in short to keep it open for anyone wanting to make prints. Trykkeriet offers production in various print techninques on requests, artists can book our space and equipment to produce on their own, and we also offer courses for both children and adults.

Our total space of 900 m2 makes us the largest artist run printshop in Scandinavia.

The equipment we provide:
3 silkscreen presses, 2 intaglio presses, 3 ink yet printers, a medium format digital camera, a scanner and 2 computers.

Cardiff Print Workshop

classes, cooperative, community, etching, linocut, photopolymer, cyanotype, papermaking

Theme: Open access studio in the heart of Wales in the UK
Cardiff Print Workshop is an open access printmaking workshop run by artists for artists.

Our aims are to promote the original print as an art form and through the sharing of workshop facilities allow Artists/Printmakers to develop their own technical skills and artistic practices. We run regular art classes and printmaking courses, both evening classes and day classes, for our members and the public.

Please visit our gallery and workshop. We are based in Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff and are open to the public every Saturday between 11am and 4pm.

Jillian Ross Print

intaglio, etching, relief, photogravure, collaborative printmaking
Jillian Ross Print is a collaborative print studio working primarily with South African and Canadian artists, studios, institutions and galleries to develop print projects, exhibitions, art workshops and talks.

Jillian Ross Print is owned and managed by Jillian Ross and Brendan Copestake and is based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

With almost 20 years in printmaking, fine art and exhibitions, Jillian Ross Print has a focus on many aspects of printmaking, including;
- Collaborative printmaking with Canadian and South African artists and print studios to develop print projects.
- Contemporary fine art exhibition design and development with public institutions and private galleries.
- Art education through artist talks and in-person workshops.


Mobile, Screen-print, Collage, Body, Scale, Performative, Social, Independent, Innovative

Theme: Limited Edition Screen-prints and shop.
Colourful - Playful - Conversational
Handmade limited edition screen-prints and live mobile screen printing at public events.

The yard:ARTspace

Art Equipment etching press, Collagraph, Paper Lithography, Dry point, Hybrid printmaking techniques

Theme: Collagraph, Paper Lithography, Lino, Dry Point and Monoprint and using these techniques to make hybrid and mixed media art.
the yard:ARTspace in Cheltenham offers a creative space to explore printmaking techniques, combining them to make richly layered art works.

The director, Sue Brown leads a variety of workshops, courses and Solo Working groups to encourage creativity through a variety of printmaking forms. Sue's priority is to make printmaking accessible to those new to the technique and enrich the experience of those with printmaking knowledge.

Sue predominantly teaches the intaglio technique of collagraph and dry point encouraging the combination of techniques wherever possible. Sue is also an expert in Paper Lithography and its applications on paper, fabric and as an etching resist.

the yard:ARTspace has been an established printmaking studio in Cheltenham for 8 years and regularly holds small exhibitions and supports other artists in the area.

In 2020 Sue was the lead artist in the project Same Sea, Different Boat and has encouraged participants from all over the world to send her a 10cm square collagraph which she printed onto fabric. These prints were then stitched and returned to her and the result is a 7 metre long socially documenting art work describing peoples pandemic experiences. Same Sea, Different Boat is presently on a nation wide tour spending September at the Museum in the Park, Stroud.

Sue has been printmaking for nearly 30 years and has a MA in Multidisciplinary Printmaking from UWE.

Book Arts "Llotja"

engraving workshop, typography workshop lithography workshop, Silkscreen workshop, Bindery, artist book, woodcut, etching, lithographic stones, exhibitions, tipography, international exchanges

Theme: Engraving Artistic Bookbinding. Typography. Screen printing. Lithography.
The Conservatory of Book Arts was founded in 1948 as a section of the School of Applied Arts and Crafts: "Llotja". The Conservatory of Book Arts offers the possibility of studying binding or engraving with the 2 higher degree training cycles of the Arts del Llibre family:
• Artistic binding
• Engraving and printing techniques

The specific higher degree training cycles aim to train students to carry out an activity. determined professional artist. In the fourth nave of the headquarters, known as the "blue nave", of about 1200 m2, the machinery and utensils that the school has been incorporating throughout its years of operation have been installed. This has made it possible to equip the workshops with the ideal resources for the development of the projects. To this has been added the efficiency of the new facilities: extractors for acids, dark room for photomechanical processes, shears, graining machine..., and common spaces such as the computer room.

L'imprimerie, centre d'artistes

piezography, lithography, etching, typography, photopolymere, binding, photo editing, photography, anthotype, cyanotype, screenprinting, etc.

Theme: Printed art, photography, art book and eco-friendly art practices
L’imprimerie, centre d’artistes is a production artist-run centre dedicated to the practices of print and photography.

The centre supports research and creation in an interdisciplinary and professional development perspective. It welcomes artists and creators from all domains (visual arts, illustration, publishing, performing arts and others) regardless of their ability and provides them with working spaces as well as resources and specialized expertise in digital and analogue printing techniques. Offering residencies, classes, exchanges and assistance tailored to the needs of its community, which spark research and the transfer of knowledge and technical skills, L’imprimerie also favours the use of processes and products that are non-toxic or harmful to the environment, and promotes collaborations with other organizations to improve its activities.

West Yorkshire Print Workshop

Screen Printing, Etching, Relief Printing, Accessible, Artist Studios, Eco-Friendly, Community, Workshops

Theme: Printability and Transmutability
Initially as Kirklees Art Space Society, then St. Pauls Print Workshop and Eastthorpe Visual Arts, we have operated from the old Victorian school next to St Paul’s Church in Mirfield since 1984.

From the beginning our aim was to nurture local and regional artists through the provision of studio space, print facilities and presentation of high quality exhibitions. Key people helped us along the way: a partnership of artists, Yorkshire Arts, Association, Councillors and Kirklees Council officers, all keen to see arts and culture expanded in the borough. The first exhibition was by Sonia Lawson RA, who was chosen because of her connections with the area, and since then, hundreds of artists have been through our door.

We provide a welcoming creative space for printmakers at all skill levels and studio space for local artists. Communities can make use of our open and accessible printmaking facilities, affordable studio spaces and exhibition opportunities for artists to showcase their work and realise their potential.

Gloucestershire Printmaking Co-operative

Cooperative, professional, community, learning, sharing, screenprinting, letterpress, etching, relief, textiles

Theme: Printmaking Community - A Shared Landscape
The GPC is a unique fine art printmaking facility in Stroud, Gloucestershire. Founded in 2005 by a small, committed group of printmakers we are run by volunteer members and are now over 100 members strong.

Our remit is to provide a professional facility for artists to work and develop their practice and to enable people to learn a variety of printmaking techniques and skills through a rich program of courses and workshops.

We have built up excellent specialist studios and equipment for etching, relief printmaking, silkscreen printing, letterpress, stone, and plate lithography. The GPC forms part of the vibrant artistic community within the Stroud area and participates regularly in Open Studios.

Duplikat Press

Risograph, Print, Printmaking, Offset, Community, Independent, Illustration, DIY, Zine

Theme: Eco-friendly & low waste printing

Duplikat is run by two freelance artists, Rich & Estelle.

We sell a range of Risograph prints, creative books & magazines, zines, stationery, gifts, Japanese drinks and coffee in our Hackney studio / shop.

The Risograph (or Riso) is a digital stencil duplicator, originally released in Japan in 1986. A speedy and low cost alternative to screen printing, the Riso produces stencil paper prints using a unique range of vivid spot colour inks.

We produce Risograph prints for artists, businesses and the local community and have 31 ink colours available.

Tinta Invisible edicions

Engraving, etching, publishing house, giclée print, pigments print

Tinta Invisible is a publishing house of original graphic work with 25 years of experience and located in the centre of Barcelona. We stand out for the excellence of our cultural projects where we work with reference artists from different disciplines.

We want to make the work of outstanding artists accessible at reasonable prices. By subscribing to our contemporary graphic publishing fund, you can acquire any piece from our collection at no financial cost and enjoy it from day one.

In our workshop we are dedicated to the production of original graphics to order, offering print services, giclée printing "fine art", binding and design. We also offer intaglio printing courses for adults and workshops for schools and institutes.

Our exhibition hall is the entrance to a space open to the different forms of contemporary culture, where we invite you to participate in the activities on display.

Leicester Print Workshop

stone and plate lithography; etching; engraving; relief; letterpress; screenprinting; exhibitions; community outreach; artist studios


Leicester Print Workshop (LPW) is the Midlands centre of excellence for fine art printmaking. LPW are at the forefront of printmaking practice and we ensure it continues to be a thriving contemporary art form. We nurture talent and support creative practitioners to develop their skills and achieve their creative ambitions. Our large, open access studio is in a RIBA award winning building, providing specialist facilities for stone and plate lithography, etching, engraving, relief, letterpress, screenprinting, and artist studios. Open to members, it is used by people from around the world and around the corner, and supported by a community of artists to thrive and grow.

LPW works with schools, community groups and art partners to deliver innovative programmes of public events, commissions and creative learning opportunities, and we run a diverse expanded printmaking course programme for adult and youth learners. In collaboration with global and local communities, we will launch a broad and experimental public engagement and commissions programme which will make art work meaningfully for our constituents and as tools for cultural and social change.

Contraprova - Atelier de Gravura

Workshops, private classes and regular printmaking classes, residencies, exhibitions and other projects. Studio rental, 3 presses and other equipments

Theme: Printability and Transmutability

CONTRAPROVA is a non-profit association whose mission is to contribute to the production, promotion and distribution of Portuguese contemporary printmaking. Having established a fully equipped workshop devoted to printmaking, CONTRAPROVA aims to be a catalyst for creative production in Lisbon in the areas of printmaking, analogue printing and illustration; a platform for communication, pedagogy and artistic mobility.

CONTRAPROVA was created in 2008 in an attempt to address the lack of a printmaking studio, easily accessible and without limitations of schedule; the studio currently promotes editorial projects and educational activities for diversely specialized publics, working so printmaking can again be an active voice in the field of cultural activities in Portugal.

(Special Thanks: Family of artist Ilda Reis - Ana Matos (Salgadeiras Gallery), Family of artist Alice Jorge - Alexandre Pomar, poet Adília Lopes and artist David de Almeida.)

The Printroom

Open access, print workshops/courses, Inductions, one to one tutorials, screen printing intaglio, relief, and bookbinding.

Theme: Print Isn't Dead The Printroom at Walford Mill offers educational, open access in various printmaking techniques and professional services for editioning, design and equipment rental.

The Printroom was opened in 2021. A unique space in the heart of Wimborne. The Printroom at Walford Mill is located on the edge of the historical market town of Wimborne Minster.

This eighteenth century building houses many makers and artists and now a fully operating print facility. The Printroom studio offers various workshops and demonstrations with highly skilled and talented printmakers and artists. Our processes include mono printing, intaglio, photopolymer, silkscreen, collograph, etching, cyanotype, Lino, woodblock, and bookbinding.

Printmaking isn't dead just being reinvented constantly through teaching, researching, collaborating and experimenting at the Printroom Studio at Walford Mill.

Halden Bookworks

3 Korrex presses, Hollander beater, artist residencies, workshops, studio rental, papermaking, letterpress printing, natural dyeing, bookbinding

Theme: Letterpress Printing, Papermaking, Bookbinding, Book Arts

Halden Bookworks is a center for book arts that houses a letterpress print shop, a bookbinding studio, and a papermaking studio. Our mission is to further cultivate the field of book arts in Norway and internationally by offering studio space, hosting workshops and events, and conducting research within the field. Halden Bookworks is run by Radha Pandey & Johan Solberg.Halden Bookworks is a center for book arts that houses a letterpress print shop, a bookbinding studio, and a papermaking studio. Our mission is to further cultivate the field of book arts in Norway and internationally by offering studio space, hosting workshops and events, and conducting research within the field. Halden Bookworks is run by Radha Pandey & Johan Solberg.

Stiwdio Maelor

Residencies, workshops, lithography, intaglio, relief, darkroom

Theme: Artist Residency

Stiwdio Maelor was established in July 2014 by Australian artist Veronica Calarco to provide residency opportunities for artists and writers and to host printmaking retreat/workshops.
Stiwdio Maelor is set in a small village on the edge of the Snowdonia National Park and offers artists a chance to explore the beautiful landscape of mid Wales.
Each artist is provided with a private studio and bedroom and share the kitchen, dining room and bathroom. There is a pub next door.
Founder Veronica Calarco has a print studio where she hosts printmaking retreats and will rent out her studio to printmakers.
Maelor also has a darkroom.
Stiwdio Maelor is an independent, self-funded project and operates on an ecologically and sustainably not for profit basis.


intaglio, silkscreen, relief printing, lithography, contemporary art printmaking

Theme: Printability and Transmutability

Mescla opened its doors to the city of Porto in March 2019. The studio offers a well-equipped space for artists and general enthusiasts who are interested in creating and developing their artworks with the medium of traditional printmaking. The studio was funded by Alexandra Rafael and Tomás Dias. Alexandra is an awarded contemporary artist with a focus on printmaking and holds a MA in Drawing and Printmaking from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto. Tomás is a master printmaker, still active and working, with many years of experience in making editions with artists in the city of Porto. The Mescla studio combines the vision of contemporary art with the spertise and know-how of traditional printing techniques. They have been organizing exhibitions, talks, and artist-in-residency programs.

The general public is welcome to visit and to use Mescla's services to make their own printed editions. The studio also has a regular schedule of workshops and introductory courses for people who want to learn how to print themselves.

Newstead Arts Hub

Community, Creativity, Sustainability, Exhibitions, Workshops, Making

Theme: Community creative space

From a disused railway station to a thriving arts space. The Newstead Arts Hub in Victoria, Australia is a place where creativity and culture are celebrated. Our exhibitions, events and workshops are conceived and presented by local community members.

The Hub welcomes locals, artists and visitors to share in the experience of creative expression, community connection and learning.

In September 2022 we are delighted to host The Printmakers’ Garden of Imagination, an exhibition of prints by Goldfields Printmakers that conjure a multiplicity of ideas, from our experiences of gardens and nature; it could be the evocative aromas and nurturing shapes and textures of bush and forest walks, the contemplative nature of maintaining a garden large or small, gardens of botanical diversity, or the enjoyment of potted plants in the studio. Along with the exhibition are a series of one day printmaking workshops.

‘The Printmakers’ Garden of Imagination’ exhibition has been conceived by The Goldfields Printmakers group. Formed in 2012, this collective of twenty-five printmakers have produced an exhibition of 30-40 prints, showing concurrently at the Impact 12 international printmaking conference in Bristol, UK and at the Newstead Arts Hub, Victoria.

Atlanta Printmakers Studio

etching, letterpress, screenprinting, classes, workshops, outreach, studio rental, residencies, exhibitions, steamroller printing

Theme: Community printmaking studio in Atlanta, GA (USA)

Atlanta Printmakers Studio (APS) provides a full range of vital and unique services and programs for artists and the general public. Members rent time in the professional studio for a fee. APS offers seasoned artists and novices alike opportunities to enroll in a range of printmaking classes and workshops. Besides activity in the studio, APS has developed a continuing calendar of outreach events to serve the local community. Each year programing has grown as we’ve added annual artist residencies, student scholarships, collectors’ prints, artist exchanges and an increasing number of exhibitions. We welcome all artists and the general public to join us in creating, learning about, and collecting fine art prints.

Vingaards Officin - Bogtrykmuseet Viborg

Proofing presses, Motor-driven presses, Intertype machines, Cliché-equipment, Metal and woodtype, Embossing machines, Workshop activities, Residency facilities

Theme: Letterpress

At Vingaards Officin we keep more than 500 years of history, traditions and craftsmanship of letterpress printing alive.

The museum has a comprehensive collection of old machines, implements, metal and wooden types, which can and MUST be used !

Oaks Editions Lithography Studio

Stone Lithography, courses, open access, printmaking, edition printing

Theme: Specialist studio for stone lithography in south-west London

Oaks Editions Lithography Studio is dedicated to creating artists' lithographs from stone.

We run a programme of lithography courses and offer open access for artists to use the workshop facilities with support, ideal for those who have previously attended our courses. We also offer a collaborative printing service to enable individual artists to produce editions of their own lithographs.

The studio is located in converted stable buildings at Oaks Park, the former estate of the Earl of Derby, now an attractive public park in the London Borough of Sutton. It is equipped with three direct presses for stone lithography, of which the most recently acquired is a magnificent French “bête à cornes”, and a good number of stones of various sizes up to approximately 56x76 cm.


workshop, welcoming, accessible, etching press, printmaking, works on paper, classes, gallery

Theme: Post pandemic voice

Artpuff is a groovy little showing & making space, with beautifully curated exhibitions and immersive classes all in one inspired footprint at the Mill in Castlemaine, Australia.

Artpuff runs a range of print and works on paper classes including intaglio, relief, photopolymer, cyanotype, monotype, text-based and hybrid prints, and more.

Artpuff is a welcoming and accessible working studio and a wonderful space to enjoy hands-on artmaking. Our space is intimate and friendly, and so our classes.

Oaks Park Printmakers

Printmaking, intaglio, drypoint, etching, relief printing, linocut, woodcut, letterpress, monotype, printmaking courses

Theme: Printmaking membership studio for intaglio and relief printing

Oaks Park Printmakers is a voluntary association of artists who co-operate in sharing the printmaking studio, which was started in March 2021 at Oaks Park Studios, Sutton, Surrey, UK. We aim to share knowledge of printmaking among our members and the wider community, through exhibitions, courses and events such as Open Studios.

We have facilities for etching, drypoint and other intaglio techniques, and linocut and other relief printing techniques, including letterpress, as well as monoprinting.

Open access membership is available for artists who are competent printmakers. Please contact us for details.

Marshfield Screen Print

Screen print, open access, technician, friendly studio

Theme: Screen print- open access and editioning.

A small and friendly print studio in a rural setting outside the lovely village of Marshfield, near Bath, and accessible from the M4. We offer short courses in screen print and, with an experienced technician on hand, open access on two days a week with sole use of one of the two vacuum print tables for the day, and a drying rack with 50 trays. You can hire screens in various mesh sizes including those suitable for printing textiles and System 3 inks are available to purchase, as is a limited range of papers. We can print your artwork onto draft film for you and scan in images up to A3. MSP also undertakes editioning and custom printing. Get in touch to discuss what you would like to achieve.

Peacock and the Worm

open-access, printmaking, intaglio, relief, screen, litho, experimental, Scotland, publishing, membership

Theme: open-access printmaking studios

PEACOCK is an open-access printmaking workshop in the north east of Scotland, established in 1974.
We offer a wide range of traditional and contemporary artistic techniques, such as relief printing, intaglio, screenprint, lithography, laser, risograph and letterpress. Our gallery showcases both invited and members work, and we run a regular programme of printmaking classes for all skill levels throughout the year.
We are a charity supported by Aberdeen City Council & Creative Scotland


Etching, woodcut, silkscreen, lithography and digital. Courses and exhibitions.

Theme: Printability and Tranmutability & Cultural Exchange

Tou Trykk printmaking studio in Stavanger, Norway is an open access workshop that offers space and professional expertise to visual artists in various printmaking techniques. Tou Trykk offers several courses and workshops in all levels and techniques throughout the year.
The workshop was established in 1981, and in 2017 moved into a new and renovated large workshop at Tou (, an important cultural institution in the region.
The studio is well equipped with 3 presses for intaglio, including one large Takach press, 1 lithography press, 2 silkscreen tables and 1 ink-jet printer. «Arkivet» is run by Tou Trykk and is a gallery for contemporary prints.

Katie Baldwin's Studio

woodblock, letterpress, mokuhanga, printmaking, book arts, collaboration

Theme: Narrative woodblock prints and artist books

My work explores methods of abstraction and representation of landscape in printmaking. Recognizable subjects of rivers, mountains and gardens are deconstructed utilizing color, pattern, shape and form. My woodblock printed imagery, rooted in narrative landscape, considers the way in which mechanization shapes land. I am interested in making work by hand: blocks are carved, inked up and hand-pulled. I choose to make imagery with the analog technology of woodblock printing, while analyzing ideas around changing technologies. My process is a physical reminder of limitations, while serving as a direct response to the tactile act of making things. In my studio, my focus is primarily woodblock and letterpress, but I also include screenprint, lithography, risograph, and etching in my work.

Mokuhanga Sisters

Mokuhanga, collaboration, woodblock, printmaking

Theme: Collaboration

Between 2017-2019, nine artists met by chance at the Mokuhanga Innovation Laboratory in Kawaguchi-ko, Japan, and catalyzed the formation of the Mokuhanga Sisters print collective. We are Katie Baldwin, Patty Hudak, Mariko Jesse, Kate MacDonagh, Yoonmi Nam, Natasha Norman, Mia O, Lucy May Schofield, and Melissa Schulenberg. We work across continents to collaborate on mokuhanga exhibitions and artistic projects.

Taller Nunik Sauret

Wood, Printing, Process, Research, Lithography, Inks, Environment, Cosmos.

Theme: My interest is focused on the various graphic techniques such as: mokuhanga, transfer, lithograph, mokurite, lithography, in addition I have investigated variations in the production of these. The importance of caring for the environment in relation to the toxicity of materials. As well as artist’s books. It is important to mention the need to make a piece of each work "atypical print"

Taller Nunik Sauret founded in 1975 is based in Mexico City in which Nunik Sauret focuses on many aspects of engraving, including:
Consulting and printing with national and international artists.
A variety of workshops, courses and tutorials.

Working groups promoting the production and development of knowledge in the practice of engraving and variations of traditional graphics and new alternative techniques.

Hong Kong Open Press

Intangible Heritage, Movable Type, Letterpress, Typeface, Research, Culture, Workshop, Graphic Art

Theme: Chinese Movable Type and Letterpress in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Open Press (Open Press), situated at the heart of the city, surrounded by local hardware and machinery stores, is a return to its artisan community in 2022. Open Press is operated by Hong Kong Open Printshop, a non-profit marking art organisation with 22 years of history.

Hong Kong being the key spot of the development of Chinese metal type, Open Press envisions to preserve and promote this important history of Hong Kong’s printing industry, pass on the technique of movable typesetting and letterpress, and rejuvenate this traditional craft with contemporary interpretations.