We invite all co-operatives and printmaking workshops to promote your studios here on the Impact 12 website during the conference. Please submit your studio details to us by 30 August. Posting is free of charge and you do not need to attend the conference.

South Atlantic Press

Etching press, woodcut, monotype, relief printmaking, South African printmaking

South Atlantic Press is a printmaking studio in Cape Town, South Africa. We invite artists to participate in residency programmes to produce quality limited edition fine art prints. All woodcuts, linocuts, monotypes and etchings are hand pulled on an etching press in our studio.

Our well-equipped studio is comfortable to work in and a space primed for collaboration and experimentation. We are committed to making archival prints, discussing the value of print and supporting the printmaking community.

Project Fish

It is time to take a new approach to printmaking.

Theme: Breaking Boundaries

Project Fish invites printmakers to join in transitioning paintings into prints. These paintings are about Fish and Heritage. The paintings transition into poetry and video. Printmakers further this journey, developing a visual language for the rising sea levels of climate change, making pictorial images. Apprehending a visual image is one thing. Comprehending a visual image, is another. Perception of a visual image requires apprehension and comprehension, both turning into understanding. Invoking emotions.

In work without apocalypse, printmakers are invited to invoke feelings, to convince their audience that rising sea levels impact personal lives and heritage. That new paradigms for society arrive because of climate change. What - to us - is normal changes, to be abnormal for us in our time, but this new normal is normal for future generations. This new normal is surreal to us. Surrealism is embedded in climate science visions of the future, foretelling a new normal that is abnormal. To match this, new paradigms for visual language are needed. If the world is going to change, so must print making art, as always it does, to reflect temporality.

Require the audience to suspend belief, to picture themselves underwater, submerged, with fish or fish living in the terrestrial. With heritage lost to the sea. The unthinkable. Translate emotions about these narratives and metaphors into climate action.

Contribute to making a new type of mixed media collection. Picture printmakers as story tellers to their artistic peers, exploring a new visual culture. There are untold possibilities awaiting discovery, for influencing positive social change. Including the development of blue humanities. Experimenting to find new stories to tell, all of which have their root in climate science and water. Which are roots also of sustainability goals #6 clean water, #14 life below water, and #15 life on land. To which the UNESCO Decade of the Ocean relates. Make work for showing at the next IMPACT 12.

Funen printmaking studio

Photogravure, Lithography, Linocut, Etchings, Woodcut

Theme: The Printmakers Garden
Funen Printmaking Studio is a private institution for printmaking artists from all over the world.
We have approximately 300 members from 20 different nations. The printing process is magical and attracts curious people. Our members strive to master the magic each and every day. We have two studios and a gallery located nearby the house of Hans Christian Andersen in Odense, Denmark.

In the studio there are different options for working with techniques such as intaglio, etching, relief, linoleum printing, woodcut, photogravure and lithography on a stent printing press. The studio is only used by our members and guest artists.

TYPA Studio

Letterpress, museum, residency, papermaking, etching, photography

TYPA was founded in the spring of 2010 as a private museum to fill the gap within memory institutions and save the last surviving letterpress machines and equipment. Since its establishment, its aim has been to work as a functioning museum and visitor centre. In 2020, we received the ILUCIDARE Special Prize for our innovative approach, which was awarded for our distinctive solution to preserving cultural heritage.

TYPA is not only a museum but a print and paper arts centre. We are an active studio, hosting workshops, exhibitions, and a residency. TYPA Stationery brand produces unique notebooks, albums, and bookcases made of recycled materials. Our antique equipment is in working order and available for printing custom-order works, as well as for use by local and international printmakers . We run a residency program, inviting two international artists every month to make use of our etching studio, darkroom, paper kitchen or letterpress museum. We welcome visitors, interested in learning about the secrets of papermaking, the history of printing, and letterpress equipment and other exciting machinery that is used in one way or another in the art of papermaking or book manufacturing.

Jacoub Reyes Studios

Large-scale woodblock, woodcut, sustainable, eco-friendly, BIPOC, community initiatives, interactive installations, mural workshops

Theme: Climate, Sustainability, Colonialism
Jacoub Reyes Studios hosts independent workshops specializing in large-scale woodblocks and found materials.
They use a variety of sustainable and eco-friendly printmaking techniques to create their editions. We also specialize in mural workshops, screen printing, and other printmaking techniques that can be printed by hand, without a press. This idea creates a print network that is sustainable and accessible at any level.

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Steven Daiber

Hand printing, nature printing, relief print, walking

Theme: Nature Printing

I have returned to a passion I have enjoyed for decades; nature printing. There is a directness to using a fish, tree stump, deer leg or leaf, as the matrix in printing. Working with handmade papers allow for a molding of the matrix to my hands, letting my fingers see the image. Some of my earliest images printed in the 1990’s were conglomerate stone where I took ink, brayer, and burin into the woods to document textures I discovered. The baren I carried was my hand.

During the summer of 2020, I found myself printing large woodcuts from scrap lumber and the resources of the woods surrounding my house. Setting up a 10 x 14 wall tent gave me a seasonal studio with a series of laundry lines to hang printed paper. Using timbered trees often dead before I cut them down, there were more matrices than I knew what to do with. Working with a glass baren allowed me to explore the history of the land where one could see the encroaching forest reclaiming farmland.

The Printery Studio

Collaborative, experimental, multi disciplinary, safe printing, entertaining

Theme: Experimental printmaking for all!

Open access, multi disciplinary printmaking facilities, with courses, tuition and studio space. Our aim is to engage with the community through printmaking, while providing studio time for professional artists and tuition for those new to the processes.

The Printery Studio has a 6 metre fabric printing table, screen bed, etching and relief presses over 2 floors on Mutley Plain in Plymouth. We have a store for supplies and a cosy kitchen area for relaxing. We offer both traditional and experimental etching, aquatint, screen printing for fabric and paper, relief processes, photopolymer, cyanotype and mono printing facilities and courses. The studio is available to hire for individuals or groups to run workshops and hold meetings.


Intaglio, silkscreen, digital, analogue, exhibitions, productions, open access, courses, events

Trykkeriet is a non-commercial printshop located in Bergen, Norway. The printshop first opened its doors in 2010 and is a viable art institution in the Norwegian art scene.

Every year, Trykkeriet initiates new print productions with invited contemporary artists. Each production are in close collaboration between the artists and the staff at Trykkeriet. The productions get exhibited in our own gallery space, and makes up the basis for the Trykkeriet art collection.

Our profile is in short to keep it open for anyone wanting to make prints. Trykkeriet offers production in various print techninques on requests, artists can book our space and equipment to produce on their own, and we also offer courses for both children and adults.

Our total space of 900 m2 makes us the largest artist run printshop in Scandinavia.

The equipment we provide:
3 silkscreen presses, 2 intaglio presses, 3 ink yet printers, a medium format digital camera, a scanner and 2 computers.

Cardiff Print Workshop

classes, cooperative, community, etching, linocut, photopolymer, cyanotype, papermaking

Theme: Open access studio in the heart of Wales in the UK
Cardiff Print Workshop is an open access printmaking workshop run by artists for artists.

Our aims are to promote the original print as an art form and through the sharing of workshop facilities allow Artists/Printmakers to develop their own technical skills and artistic practices. We run regular art classes and printmaking courses, both evening classes and day classes, for our members and the public.

Please visit our gallery and workshop. We are based in Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff and are open to the public every Saturday between 11am and 4pm.

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We invite all co-operatives and printmaking workshops to promote your studios on the Impact 12 website during the conference. Please submit your studio details to us by 30 August. Posting is free of charge and you do not need to attend the conference.