The speaker lineup is taking shape. Here are some of the brilliant creatives who will take center stage at IMPACT 12 this year. Stay tuned for more!

Tracy Hill

Hill is a visual artist and research associate at Artlab CPS. Through expanded print, installation works and collaborative art projects Hill’s practice explores the historical legacy of post-industrial landscapes, our forgotten understanding, lost relationships and connection to place. Perceptions of mapping, digital navigation connect with a modern obsession for locating, ordering and fragmenting our experiences. 

Combinations of print, installation and hand drawn imagery visualise the possibility of collaboration between disciplinary fields, inviting new perspectives to encounters with liminal landscapes. Disrupted and reimagined Hill’s images require a visual and cognitive attention intrinsic to walking occupying the place where our digital and physical worlds overlap.

Rodrigo Arteaga

Rodrigo Arteaga completed an MFA in Sculpture at the Slade School of Fine Art, University College London in 2018; Bachelor in Fine Arts with a major in Printmaking at Universidad de Chile in 2010 where he also did a Degree in Printmaking in 2012.

His practice moves between installation, sculpture, drawing and sound. His work deals with the complex relationship between nature, culture and representation. His interest in working across different areas of thought has led him to collaborate with specialists in fields such as Microbiology, Bio-Fabrication, Mycology, Natural History, Botany, and Architecture. His work often deals with the complexities between human and non-human relations, unearthing the coded enigmas of our relationship with the environment.