One Week to Go !

With just under one week to go before we open for registration at the City Hall, we are super busy with preparations for IMPACT. On Monday we finalised the online and REMO platform, compliance and computer software. We printed the banners and posters, maps and vouchers. On Tuesday we collected the electrical equipment, ladders and tools, plinths and paint. Today we have been completing the session notes for in-person, Zoom and REMO presentations. On Thursday and Friday, we will be painting spaces at Bower Ashton. On Thursday at Frenchay EP1 all the exhibition stands will be erected and furniture moved for the product fair. On Friday we will do a walk around the spaces and add the signs to the spaces.  Next week the marquee will arrive on Frenchay for the demos and workshops. At some point we will also be making badges, filling bags and doing the final printing. We are receiving a lot of packages for the 130+ exhibitions. The van arrives on Friday and artworks will be loaded to move to the city centre sites and Bower Ashton Campus.

Meanwhile, in preparation
Please check out the Visit IMPACT page
If you wish to take part in the #BIG Print, please bring with you a lino cut and drop it at the registration desk. 
There is a lot to watch at the #summer of print and books

There is still so much to do, so please forgive us if we do not reply immediately. We need more volunteers for the bank holiday Monday. If you can help please let us know!
For those super late people intending to come in person, registration closes on Friday (we can take payment at the registration desk on Wednesday 21st)
The deadline for online registration will remain open until Monday 19th (midnight). We are offering day rates for those who cannot commit to the whole event. 

We look forward to seeing you in person and online!