Meet Me at the Edge of Infinity

Wuon-Gean Ho

Please note submissions are now closed

This panel calls for papers addressing the historical, psychological and technical effects of colour gradients in printed imagery. Colourful rainbow rolls, subtle blends, smoky à la poupée and shimmering bokashi appear in many types of print. These colour gradients are a continuous and gradual transformation from one colour to another, with no clear boundaries. They are a visual representation of the non-binary. In our screen-dominated worlds, the colour gradient stands in parallel with the end-of-a-movie fade-to-black: an emotional preparation for a shift in perspective, a pause in the narrative.

The colour blend destabilises the viewer’s stance, pushing and pulling the eye in and out of the picture. The colour gradient can signify joy and celebration, commercial appeal, cybernetic punk, and speak of luxury and excess.

This panel invites reflections and surveys on how colour gradients are produced technically, and to what effect they are employed in the printed world. How do they create drama, imitate the gleam of light on water, inject a pop of subversive colour and control a sense of depth? How can colour gradients ensnare the viewer in the viewed?

Please submit your proposals directly to this link by Friday 4 March 2022.
Please include your name, affiliation, email address, a brief synopsis and accompanying image, a 100-word bio and an image of yourself.