Impact The Reunion Overview 1999-2022

Paul Coldwell

Please note submissions have now closed

To mark the return of Impact to Bristol, this panel welcomes contributions from artists, educators, technicians and researchers which reflect on the changes that they have observed in both printmaking in general, and in the field of education over this period. The first impact conference in 1999 was at a time when digital technologies were first becoming more widely available, the status of digitally made prints was in question, practice-based research and PhD’s in printmaking was in their infancy, and external research funding was available. Following on the format of the BBC Radio 4 programme, The Reunion, in which protagonists reflects back on a particular shared event, this panel will reflect on the impact of Impact and serve to identify and discuss some of the key changes within printmaking/education and how the conferences have contributed to the debate. Each contributor will present a short presentation followed by a group discussion.

Please submit your proposals directly to this link by Friday 4 March 2022.
Please include your name, affiliation, email address, a brief synopsis of your contribution to the debate (up to 300 words), a 100-word bio and an image of yourself.