Niamh Fahy

Niamh Fahy

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Environmental violence does cohere to boundaries limited by geography or time. Often taking place over a gradual period, frequently concealed, imperceptible, and devoid of the immediate spectacle commonly associated with notions of violence. (Nixon, 2013) Destructive environmental practices leak and permeate into geographies and generations beyond our control. We invite panellists to reflect on the slow, invisible, or concealed actions which alter and shape our landscapes.
In opposition to these acts of environmental violence, we put forward the notion of Pluriverse, as the proposal for recognising the plural perspectives, heterogeneous practices and diverse life forms that compose a world of many worlds (Cadena and Blaser, 2018, p.4) We ask panellists to consider what worlds can be imagined, magnified, or challenged through the printmakers' practice.

Through creating printed narratives that challenge and make permeable the boundaries between landscape, human and other-than-human life, we can radically reimagine our relationship to the environments we inhabit. From the molecular to the monumental, we seek a panel of printmakers who identify, connect and animate narratives of change within landscape.

We request panellists to consider how collaborative practice, fieldwork, or experimental methods, impact the printmakers approach in addressing environmental issues.
Perhaps you have worked with a geologist, forester, or local swimming group to deepen your understanding of the landscapes within your practice. How have these relationships influenced your interpretation of environmental change? What methods of recording, measuring, or observing inform your creative approach? We also encourage applications from panellists within the field of expanded print, who may adopt photographic, sculptural, or digital elements as part of a considered response to the landscape.

Please submit your proposals directly to this link by Friday 4 March 2022.
Please include your name, affiliation, email address, a brief synopsis of your contribution to the debate (up to 300 words), a 100-word bio and an image of yourself.