Panel Discussions

Paul Coldwell 

The Reunion

This panel will reflect on the impact of  the changes and developments in printmaking and education since the initial 1999 conference.
Niamh Fahy

A World of Many Worlds

We welcome practitioners to consider how their practice critically engages with notions of environmental violence and landscape change.
Wuon-Gean Ho

Meet Me at the Edge of Infinity

This panel calls for papers addressing the historical, psychological and technical effects of colour gradients in printed imagery.

Digital/Dark Side of Printmaking

One of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic was the immigration of life and work to the digital realm. A two-year milestone is adequate to reflect whether this digital shift, which resonates throughout the printmaking community as well, is to be considered as upside or downside in the outcome.
Clyde McGill &
Tim Mosely

Printmaking: a Performative Art of Touch

This panel calls for papers addressing print as texture, touch as emotion, haptic perception - the material voice of prints.
Clare Humphries &
Rebecca Mayo

Ecologies of Care

The Ecologies of Care panel calls for papers that explores possibilities for environmental care in the Colonial Anthropocene, especially those materialising through the making and circulation of print.
Nicola Chambury

Sustainable Etching

Is it possible to make etching on copper or zinc sustainable in a time of mass extinction and climate emergency?