The Land As Other

Veronica Calarco

Facilitated by Aberystwyth University’s Joy Welch Research Fund, Dr Veronica Calarco is leading a major transdisciplinary print-based exploration on the theme of ‘The Land as Other’. Printmakers will be invited to collaborate with environmental scientists and humanities scholars and respond to new deep-time environmental histories in Wales, language, a sense of place, the re-wilding movements and the positioning of Cymru by outsiders (notably tourists) as ‘Other’ with issues including migration, displacement, colonialism and citizenship, and a sense of loss. Co-curated and co-led by printmakers Dr Veronica Calarco (Lecturer, Printmaking, School of Art, Aberystwyth University), Judy Macklin (creative fellow at Centre for the Inland, La Trobe University and Lincoln Centre of Water and Planetary Heath), Professor Mark Macklin (Distinguished Professor of River Systems and Global Change, University of Lincoln) and Dr Lucy Taylor (Senior Lecturer in Latin American Studies, Department of International Politics, Aberystwyth University), this curated exhibition will address and make a novel intervention on the conference theme of ‘Merging and Metamorphosis’.

Eight printmakers will be selected through an open call and will participate in a series of group online meetings with the ‘specialists’. The curated exhibition will include work from eight Printmakers (selected from an open call) and four ‘specialists’ each exploring different aspects of the issues involved in ‘Other’. Up to four framed prints 320x445mm will be selected from each printmaker, depending on the allocated space.

The exhibition will be curated using the following criteria.
1. That the exhibition presents a variety of techniques.
2. That the work reflects the cross-pollination, disciplinary overlap and the emergence of new approaches that will arise from the collaboration between the printmakers and the ‘specialists’.
3. A high standard of the work

The exhibition will be curated by Dr Calarco, Judy Macklin, with the specialists led by Professor Macklin and Dr Taylor.

Please note that submissions have now closed.