Edge of Infinity

Wuon-Gean Ho

This open portfolio calls for prints that use colour gradients in their construction. Colourful rainbow rolls, subtle blends, smoky à la poupée and shimmering bokashi appear in many types of print. These colour gradients are a continuous and gradual transformation from one colour to another, with no clear boundaries.

Submissions are welcomed from those working in all printmaking media and original print, with a particular call for mokuhanga, screenprint, etching, lino and lithography.

Paper size is 28 x 38 cm/ 11” x 15”

Type of paper is unrestricted and up to the artist, though please make sure it is acid free.

Size of image is unlimited within this paper size.

Orientation is open: you can make either landscape or portrait image.

If the print is sticky, please make sure it is fully dry before posting and protect it with glassine.

Number of participants will be capped at 20.

To apply to be in the portfolio, please send an image of your current work and a statement on what colour blends mean to you to wuon-gean.ho@uwe.ac.uk before 30 March.

Successful participants will be invited to post in 22 copies of their print by 3rd September and will receive 20 copies in return. The portfolio will be ready to collect at the Impact conference, or if you are unable to attend we will post to you.

The other copies will be displayed during the IMPACT Printmaking conference in Bristol in September 2022, and will enter the collection of the Centre for Print Research’s archive.

Please note that submissions have now closed