Split Practices

Marina Petit

This open call exhibition is inspired by a quote in an interview from a Polish printmaker Krzysztof Tomalski who, when asked about the pandemic, replied, “I do not believe in a void”, meaning that we continue to build our narratives and practices even when faced with the new normal.

The verb “split“ in the title relates to the idea that everything has been broken and torn apart until now. We can mend by bridging the void through exhibiting, expression, printmaking practice, and demonstrating through paper, print, form, colour, which is the paradigm that cannot be surpassed.

However, the paradigm shift cannot be unlearnt. Although we have adapted to share experiences online, the practice of exhibiting and making contact with the physical printmaking artworks and objects and other fellow humans remains essential. The world has changed, our thoughts, methods, and processes have adapted. Still, the final aim of staging a real-world exhibition stays the same.

Based on the new paradigms, printmaking narratives and practices, I welcome responses to: contemporary printmaking achievements and novel artistic expression building on combinations of old and new, classical printmaking techniques and digital printmaking, technology and manual work in printmaking, embedded in our social, historical and cultural experiences.

The exhibition proposal is based on the experience of organising Splitgraphic Printmaking Biennial in 2020 and 2021. The selection and curatorial concept of “Split practices” is influenced by Ingrid Ledent and Yoshio Imamura. The 10th Splitgraphic established the new collaborative online selection process for a real-world exhibition. 

Please note that submissions have now closed.