The Anxiety of Interdisciplinarity

Ayeshah Zolghadr and Sarah Strachan

Downstairs at the Island
The Anxiety of Interdisciplinarity is an exhibition which seeks to reframe printmaking as a site of interdisciplinarity - a testing ground for ‘The important work…done at the surfaces between adjacent disciplines’ (Carter, 1998). Acknowledging interdisciplinarity as a potential site of ambivalence, tension or fertile ground for exploration and experimentation, international artists in this exhibition respond to this provocation. Motivated by IMPACT 12’s theme ‘Merging and Metamorphosis’, the exhibition aims to trace the metamorphosis of conversations between disciplines, work and within the exhibition spaces.

Installed at a former police station in Bristol, the Island venue hosts artworks in an outdoor courtyard, police cells and subterranean motor vehicle storage area.  The hybrid exhibition includes works of differing materials, scales and dimensions across installation, sculpture, sound, moving image, and digital and post-digital media.  

Curated by two Cambridge School of Art, MA Fine Art and MA Printmaking students, Sarah Strachan and Ayeshah Zolghadr, the liminal nature of the space has also prompted collaborative and site-responsive works. While Sarah transitions into print from sculpture and ceramics, Ayeshah translates an architectural background into print and back again. Both continue to investigate the spaces in between 2D and 3D – as artists and curators.

Adjacent to the physical exhibition, an online companion space shares an extended range of works, in parallel to a series of informal artist talks. A digital catalogue, introduced by Dr Véronique Chance, marks the exhibition and encourages an ongoing conversation.

The full list of the artists and their biographies can be found here

Online Exhibition Space

Details and images of the exhibition space can be found here.

Ayeshah Zolghadr Sarah Strachan