The Land As Other

Lead Curator: Veronica Calarco

The Island Gallery

Participating Artists
 ‘The Land as Other’ curated exhibition has developed from printmaker Dr Veronica Calarco’s transdisciplinary research project, ‘We Live with the Land’ supported by Aberystwyth University’s Joy Welch Research Fund. Calarco along with printmaker Judy Macklin, Professor Mark Macklin and Dr Lucy Taylor have formed a new collaborative team to help shape and lead this exhibition, building on, particularly the long-standing art-geoscience practice developed by Macklin and Macklin over the last 10 years. Ten printmakers have been invited to collaborate with the four curators. Their work addresses the following themes in Wales: deep-time environmental histories; language; a sense of place; a sense of loss; re-wilding; Cymru as ‘Other’; migration and displacement; colonialism and citizenship.

The artists involved in the collaboration practice in England, Ireland, Scotland, Switzerland and Wales. They are each researching different aspects of their personal interaction with the land, whether by observing the intimacies and changes of their local landscape, exploring human modification of the land and it’s intended and unintended consequences, questioning the current socio-ecological status of the land, or telling the story of place through the myths, many of which come from deep time people-environmental interactions. The printmakers create their work using traditional printmaking techniques – lithography, etching, relief – as well as pushing the boundaries of these techniques with caustic soda lino etching, Xerox transfer printing, monotype and marbling mixed media printing, and drawing with soil, berries, charcoal, moss and lichen.

By bringing together artists and researchers from humanities and science ‘The Land as Other’ project and exhibition makes a novel intervention on the conference theme of ‘Merging and Metamorphosis’.

Veronica Calarco
The curators - left to right: Judy Macklin, Mark Macklin, Veronica Calarco and Lucy Taylor
Veronica Calarco, Jude Macklin, Lucy Taylor, Claire Morris-Wright, Molly Brown, Paul Croft, Stuart Evans, Catriona Leahy, Flora Mclachlan, Bronwen Sleigh, Lucinda Tanner, Gini Wade, Linda Davies