Catching the light 

Lead Curator: Susanne Klein

Bower Ashton Publishing Space OC2/3
Colour is not only the interaction between the object and light but also only exists in the brain of the observer.
In traditional print, the shadows are printed, i.e., dark marks on light substrates. The illusion of light is created by shadows. Different printing techniques use different methods to trick the mind into perceiving light and shadow and seeing an image. Embossing or debossing, for example, uses the height difference in the paper to make an image visible by its shadow. The image moves when the print is moved. A similar image change happens when speciality pigments or metallic foils are used which reflect light in different ways. These can range from gold or silver films and glitter on chocolate packaging to the subtle shades of Karakami paper printed by wood block and mica powder. Printing on a black substrate creates new challenges. This time not the shadows but the light is printed and the image composition must be changed. In the exhibition, artists demonstrate how they catch the light and create colour in print to provoke specific reactions in the audience. 
Susanne Klein and Harriet Fuller, Passport
Abigail Trujillo Vazquez, Ann-Margreth Bohl, Anna Trojanowska, Ben Goodman, Chris Daly, Claire Haley, Harriet Fuller,  Helen Gleeson, Judith Martinez Estrada, Kate Bernstein, Nicole Pietrantoni, Nif Hodgson, Robyn Maclennan, Robyn Moore, Rolf Wagner, Tabitha Fedden, Teresita Jiménez, Wojciech Tylbor-Kubrakiewicz, Carinna Parraman
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