Split Practices

Lead Curator: Marina Petit

The Island Gallery
Split Practice’s curatorial concept is inspired by a quote from an interview by a Polish printmaker, Krzysztof Tomalski, “I do not believe in a void” when asked about the pandemic, meaning that we continued to build our narratives and practices even when faced with the new normal.

Printmaking narratives and practices presented here reflect contemporary printmaking achievements and new artistic expressions building on combinations of old and new, classical printmaking techniques and digital printmaking, technology and manual work, embedded in our social, historical and cultural experiences we had to face in these new paradigms. The paradigm shift, that cannot be unlearnt, is that practice to exhibit and have contact with the printmaking artworks, objects and other fellow humans, is essential and has remained so. The world has changed, our thoughts, methods and processes adapted, but the final aim of staging an actual exhibition has stayed the same.

Within the title, the verb “split” refers to the idea that everything we knew so far has been broken and torn to pieces, but that we can mend this with showing expressions in printmaking practices that decide to bridge the void. Exhibiting it to the public and realising that seeing the paper, the print, the format, the colour, is the paradigm that cannot be surpassed. “Split” is also a reference to the Splitgraphic Biennial and the town of Split that has been hosting it even during the pandemic years. The selected artists, each in their own printmaking voice, present their artistic narratives created during the challenging pandemic time. 
Marina Petit, Alba Urquia, Ana Vivoda, Paul Uhlmann, Mariga Toskovic, Krysztof Tomalski, Tracy Templeton, Theresa Taylor, Marija Staneviciute, Tiril Schroder, Martha Oatway, Veronica Noriega, Marianna Maslova, Pavo Majic, Ingrid Ledent Wojciech-Tylbor Kubrakiewicz, Raluca Iancu, Oliver Hambsch, Scott Lee Freeland, Leonie Bradley, Sue Bown, Laura Berman, Susan Belau.