The Danish Garden – into the wilderness

Denmark consists of many islands, and a climate perfect for growing crops, weeds, and gardens, especially in the island Funen (Fyn), where Funen Printmaking Studio is located, is famous for apples.

Words of importance:
The sophisticated garden
The wild Garden
Into the wilderness

Growing crops or art is crucial for life, therefore we believe the garden of the printmaker is important to society. There are no mountains in Denmark, but the soil is fertile and easy to grow many sorts of crops. The printmakers I Funen Printmaking Studio is also growing, not crops but art in Odense in the centre of Denmark

The exhibition consists of 64 prints in all kinds of techniques, in 24 x 30 cm. The prints are not framed, but put up in front of windows. The transparency symbolizes the fragility of nature, also human nature.

1. Elsemarie ALbrecht
2. Merete Bartholdy
3. Kit Mosegaard Bruun
4. Marie Weber Carlsen
5. Dorthe Christensen
6. Pauline Christensen
7. Gert Ejton
8. Margit Elmelund
9. Carsten Fredeiksen
10. Annette Fuhr
11. Anne Grarup
12. Susanne Winther Hansen
13. Annemette Heltoft
14. Lene Jelling Holm
15. Anette K. Ilfeldt
16. Lis Rejnert Jensen
17. Marianne Lindberg Jepsen
18. Sylvie Karier
19. Petrine Kjær
20. Teresa Larsen
21. Vinni Elgaard Lassen
22. Pil Lindgreen
23. Tina Lindgreen
24. Helle B. Neidhardt
25. Helle Petersen
26. Lone V. Petersen
27. Yngve Riber
28. Marian Rune
29. Birthe Reinau
30. Karen Serena
31. Kateryna Svirgunenko
32. Susanne Thea
33. Susanne Winther Hansen