Dr Susanne Klein has paper published in Journal of Molecular Liquids

Dr Susanne Klein is co-author of the article Rheological and flow birefringence studies of rod-shaped pigment nanoparticle dispersions, published in the September 2020 issue of Journal of Molecular Liquids. Please follow the link below to read the paper on ScienceDirect.


Authors: Péter Salamon, Yong Geng, Alexey Eremin, Ralf Stannarius, Susanne Klein, Tamás Börzsönyi

Abstract: We study rheological and rheo-optical properties of suspensions of anisometric pigment particles in a non-polar fluid. Different rheological regimes from the dilute regime to an orientationally arrested gel state were characterized and compared with existing theoretical models. We demonstrate the intricate flow behaviour in a wide range of volume fractions. A unique combination of the optical properties of the particles results in a giant rheo-optical effect: an unprecedentedly large shear stress-induced birefringence was found in the isotropic range, exhibiting a sharp pre-transitional behaviour.

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