CFPR Seminar: The underwater photography of Rio Minemizu & colour/camouflage of pelagic marine life (watch online)

This seminar was led by Damien Leech, CFPR Research Associate. Featured image is by Rio Minemizu.

Underwater photography presents a significant challenge to both hobbyists and experts. Due to the large attenuation of the red and yellow portions of the visible spectrum, images can quickly lose both colour and contrast with increasing distance. This also means that the range between subject and photographer must be much closer than in air and lighting becomes an even more important factor. Ryo Minemizu is an underwater photographer from Japan, who photographs marine life at night using a bespoke underwater lighting setup, that both illuminates the water and attracts wildlife. We discuss Minemizu’s work ‘The Secret World of Plankton’ and use that as a jumping off point to discuss how certain pelagic marine life use tricks of the light to inform their colouration and camouflage techniques.

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