CFPR Seminar: Phase One Cultural Heritage Solutions – Yair Shahar (watch online)

This week we’re welcoming Yair Shahar from Phase One to discuss their work in multispectral and cultural heritage imaging.

Image featured: Earth Globe “Räth” 1906 Digitization by CultArm3D, © Fraunhofer GD

CFPR Seminar – 1 – 2 pm, Wednesday, 24th of June

Phase One Cultural Heritage Solutions – Yair Shahar

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Link will be open ten minutes before seminar begins. No need to register in advance.

Cultural Heritage imaging is rooted in the idea of preserving the past for the future. The need for digitization of historic collections in museums and libraries is rapidly growing, with increasing focus on public access, research and preservation of information for the future. Often a race against time, solutions that enable rapid capture are not only necessary, but often crucial.  

In order to address the diverse nature of Cultural Heritage collections, Phase One invests in developing, implementing and delivering specialized and tailored solutions, designed to produce the best image quality, while ensuring material safety and efficient workflow.

Multi-Spectral Imaging, with the advent of LED technology, is becoming popular for non-invasive and non-destructive analysis of materials, pigments and surfaces. Phase One invests in making these high end solutions more approachable and easier to use by adding automation and a simple software UI.

3D scanning is an area that has seen some new developments as institutes are looking for ways to create digital versions of objects. Phase One is working with one of the largest research institutes in the world on developing a modular, scalable system that can serve in a range of commercial and scientific applications.

The current Covid-19 global crisis is highlighting the value of having digital copies of collections so that the public, as well as scientists and researchers can have remote access to the objects so that education does not stop and further investigation and analysis of our past and recent history of nature and mankind carry on.

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