CFPR Seminar: Origins & Art: A Possible Bridge To The Cosmos – Lewis Andrews (19 Aug 2020)

This week we’re talking with Lewis Andrews, an artist whose work is inspired by nature and science, to explore our place in the universe and the many length scales, both large and small, that raise profound questions about our direct link to the space beyond our pale blue dot.

CFPR Seminar – 1 – 2 pm, Wednesday, 19th of August

Origins & Art: A Possible Bridge To The Cosmos – Lewis Andrews

Link to join seminar:

Link will be open shortly before seminar starts. No need to register in advance.

Lewis Andrews is a Fine Artist based in Leeds, United Kingdom. His work specializes in dealing with complex thoughts, ideas, and facts within nature and science. Some explore those in which we seem to be overshadowed and overpowered in comparison by the vast distances, size or quantities. Others investigate moments of extreme power, creation, and rebirth on a molecular scale or on a scale comparable to that of the universe. Questioning our relationships, place, and role within the universe, environment, and natural spaces. 

Within this seminar, Lewis would like to question our place within a cosmos which created us out of simple atomic elements. Using art as a bridge between the audience here on earth and the heart of a supergiant star millions of light-years away, billions of years ago. 

“Maybe we should look up at the night sky more often. Your body contains lots of atomic elements. Some you may be very familiar with like Carbon and Oxygen. However, there are few which may not come to mind immediately like Iron and Boron. One thing they nearly all have in common though is that they can all be traced back to the life cycles of stars in some manner. So, when I look up to the night sky, I tend to think that the cosmos isn’t that far away at all. In fact, it seems it’s closer to us than we may think.” 

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