CFPR Seminar: ‘Carl Breuer and Sons’ – Noah Breuer talks about his prints, glasswork and installations (21 Oct 2020)

Tomorrow we welcome Noah Breuer, an Assistant Professor of Auburn University, to the seminar series – please note the change in time of the seminar, due to the time differences. Noah is an artist and printmaker, interested in combining both modern and traditional techniques, and incorporating other materials such as wood, textiles and glass. You can learn more about his work here.

Additionally, this is the last CFPR seminar for a good while, so do come along while you can!

CFPR Seminar – 3 – 4 pm, Wednesday, 21st of October

‘Carl Breuer and Sons’ – Noah Breuer talks about his prints, glasswork and installations

– Noah Breuer (Auburn University)

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Noah Breuer is an American artist and trained printmaker who works as an assistant Professor at Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama. Exploring the fusion of traditional printmaking techniques, new materials and 21st century technology is fundamental to his art practice. As part of his current project he has made prints, artist’s books and sculptures, as well as installations and participatory experiences. His ongoing research project and artwork explores the legacy of “Carl Breuer and Sons,” (CB&S) his Jewish family’s former textile printing business, founded 1897 in Bohemia and lost in 1939 to Nazi collaborators. In 2016, Breuer traveled to the factory’s archive of fabric samples and designs held at the Czech Textile Museum and amassed a rich digital collection of primary source material in the form of swatchbooks, drawings and printed fabric. This archive has functioned as his springboard for creating a variety of printed works which not only tell his family’s story of persecution and emigration, but also raise questions about labor, authorship and appropriation. 

In his CFPR talk, Breuer will discuss his recent work and the ways in which contemporary tools such as digitally-driven routers and engravers fit into his art practice. Recent projects include his 2018 residency at the San Francisco Center for the Book in which he created 20 laser-engraved woodcuts in order to resurrect original family designs and transform them into an artist book. He will also discuss his 2019 residency at Bullseye Projects, where Breuer spent 10-weeks learning how to translate his printmaking knowledge into a new medium and create a variety of printed glass forms. 

Image details: 

White and Green Tablecloth, 2019, 

Kiln Formed Glass, 15 x 14 x 13 inches

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