CFPR Seminar, 28 April 2021

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This week we are welcoming Catinca Malaimare. Catinca Malaimare is a London based artist and current postgraduate student at The Royal Academy of Arts. When experienced aesthetically, technologies possess the ability to elicit pleasure, assimilating seamlessly into our sensuous experiences with Anthropomorphised bodies. Performing alongside bodies who acquired human semblance through an entanglement of design ideologies, Catinca Malaimare manifests our intimate relationship with technological vessels we adorn ourselves with and that appeal to our senses.

Joining the seminar:

12.45pm – 1.15pm.
Please use this link to join the seminar:

The seminar takes place on the virtual conferencing platform Remo. Remo aims to encapsulate the feeling of attending a networking event, classroom or workshop. You will be asked to login with an email address before joining.

The platform works best if accessed via Chrome on a desktop computer or laptop. It is also accessible on a phone but it isn’t compatible with a tablet.

Please refer to Remo’s information about compatible operating systems and browsers. You can check your browser and operating system access in advance of the event here.  

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