26 May 2021: Guler Ates – Where is the artist studio?

Güler Ates works with Video, Photography, Printmaking and Performance. At the heart of her work lies an exploration into the experience of cultural displacement. Manifestations of Ates’s work are realised through performance and site-responsive activities that merge Eastern and Western sensibilities. In her performances, Ates makes a commentary on the Western notion of Orientalism and the effects of the cross-pollination of cultures on female identity and architecture.     

Joining the seminar:

12.45pm – 1.15pm.
Please use this link to join the seminar: https://live.remo.co/e/cfpr-lunchtime-seminar-26th-may-

The seminar takes place on the virtual conferencing platform Remo. Remo aims to encapsulate the feeling of attending a networking event, classroom or workshop. You will be asked to login with an email address before joining.

The platform works best if accessed via Chrome on a desktop computer or laptop. It is also accessible on a phone but it isn’t compatible with a tablet.

Please refer to Remo’s information about compatible operating systems and browsers. You can check your browser and operating system access in advance of the event here.  

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