Patrick Llewelyn-Davies – Automated Image Capture For RTI Experiment (recording available)

Light Revolution started investigating Reflective Transformation Imaging (RTI) after a number of people thought that some of the highly detailed images that the LR4 system produces had been created by an RTI process. Having looked further into the manual RTI capture process Patrick Llewelyn-Davies thought that it would be relatively simple to modify the existing LR4 system to become a virtual dome with the ability to control and automate the capture of multiple images very quickly for processing later in any third party RTI software. The seminar will address some of the challenges in creating this experimental system and the potential of building a large scale version. 

Light Revolution is an innovative start-up company manufacturing unique lighting systems and camera platforms for the photographic and film industries. The company was set up by a commercial photographer Patrick Llewelyn-Davies who has been experimenting with light painting for many years and wanted to make the amazing effects that can be created with this technique repeatable and easy to produce. The system was originally designed as a creative lighting tool but has since taken on a life of its own after demos where people have suggested multiple uses for the technology ranging from high speed camera platforms to Photogrammetry. 

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