23 June 2021: Elizabete Kozlovska – On Photographic Conservation (recording available)

At our the next CFPR Lunchtime Seminar, we will hear from our own CFPR Research Associate, Elizabete Kozlovska, about the training she undertook in Photographic conservation, and how she will apply this knowledge here at the CFPR , working with Dr Susanne Klein on the EPSRC funded project: Woodbury and Lippmann: A new approach to continuous tone and full colour non-impact printing.

Conservation runs the fine line between physical science and fine art – knowledge of materials and a craftsman’s eye are equally important. After finishing my BSc in Conservation of Objects and MA in History of Art, I obtained a position as a Photographic Conservation Trainee at Historic England Archives. Countless hours of investigating historic negatives and prints, learning their origin and how they can be saved from decay, if at all, has given me a unique knowledge base into a niche and undervalued subject area in the heritage field.

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