CFPR Editions Website Live

We are delighted to share our new website for CFPR Editions. CFPR Editions is a publishing studio specialising in limited edition prints that shift the idea of the multiple into new dimensions. In addition to our digital portfolio, we have been experimenting with casting, robotics, construction, glass, ceramics, textiles, and installation. The focus on new and emerging print technologies and novel materials in the field of printmaking places CFPR Editions within a unique area of the print publishing art market.

New works published by CFPR Editions feature a range of early career and established artists who have taken part in the Centre for Print Research artist residency programme. Resident artists have explored a diverse range of printmaking approaches, including printing with mycelium, creating soundscapes using graphene, laser cutting, printing onto fabrics, glass moulding, and 3D fabrication. We are currently exploring new and innovative ways of exhibiting the editions.

Please take a look around, visit our shop, catch up with recent artist talks and get in touch for further information.

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