Carinna Parraman Professorial Inaugural lecture, hosted by UWE and Arnolfini (watch online)

Hosted by University of the West of England and Arnolfini
Wednesday, 10th June 2020, 19:00 to 20:15

*For full details and links to view the lecture and join the Q and A via Zoom, please visit Arnolfini’s event page here.

The film is scheduled to start at 7pm (length 43 minutes)

The Zoom webinar Q&A will follow, guests will be allowed in from 7.45 (max 100). The Q&A will be recorded so if people are not able to attend, they can access the Q&A along with a shortened lecture from tomorrow.*

In the inaugural UWE Professorial Lecture, Carinna Parraman, Director of the Centre for Fine Print Research, and Professor in Design, Colour and Print, will be talking about the relationship of human vision and material appearance, and the illusory impact of colour, tone and line in pictures.

Artists throughout the centuries based on their knowledge of tools, techniques and pigments, have closely recorded material attributes of objects, depicted the relationship of light on objects and convincing representations of still life. In this century, the simulation of material appearance is an important topic in 3-D computer graphics for convincing graphical rendering of scenes, animation and virtual reality, as well as for image printing and reproduction.

As we move from real‐world texture to screen‐based representations, our understanding and engagement is now mediated by the screen or a digitally printed matrix, but we also need to bridge the gap between what we see on screen and printed reproductions. Carinna will explore our current experience of pictures and reproductions, how we may access pictures in the future and alternative methods for the application of physical texture in artworks.

Jane Roscoe, Professorial Vice Chancellor and Executive Dean (ACE), will introduce Carrina’s lecture, which will be followed by members of the audience invited to take part in a live Q and A via Zoom, hosted by Hazel Edwards, Associate Dean (Research and Innovation), Faculty of Arts, Creative Industries, and Education (ACE).

Arnolfini and the Faculty of Arts, Creative Industries and Education at UWE Bristol, collaborate to work with and support local artists, students and communities, whilst also bringing the best in international artists to work and exhibit in the city.

Carinna Parraman will deliver the first of three Professorial Lectures jointly hosted by Arnolfini and UWE Bristol. All three lectures will be delivered by senior women researchers from UWE Bristol.  Mandy Rose, Professor of Documentary and Digital Cultures and Maria Mulvey-Roberts, Professor of English Literature will be joining us for the two subsequent lectures taking place – hopefully physically – later this year and early in 2021.

By working together, we can ensure that these lectures are accessible by a wide, public audience, utilising the extensive regional, national and international audiences and networks of both members of this partnership.

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