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Call for Collaboration in Prototyping

Apply for innovation vouchers

Are you interested in undertaking feasibility studies, prototyping, research and development to test your ideas or solve problems with world-leading researchers?

The Centre for Print Research has experts in: print, manufacturing technologies and workflows, 3D printing and CNC, ceramics, textiles, colour (including ink development, imaging, scanning, ink jet technologies, pigment performance, colour appearance, measurement and management), product design, robotics, electronics, software, developing new materials and material science.

We are looking to support a range of different UK-based businesses.

We are currently offering vouchers in the form of academic and technical time plus consumables, travel (if needed) up to the value of £1000, £5000 or £10,000 and access to our specialist labs.

CFPR Fully equipped lab capabilities

  • Traditional & Digital Print – wide format Inkjet, screen print, lithography, etching, photopolymer, photomechanical methods.
  • 3D Print lab – 3D Printing – SLA & FDM.
  • Ceramic Lab – extruded ceramics, 3D printed powdered ceramics, glass casting and polishing, kilns
  • Casting and mould making – silicone, plaster, Jesmonite, ceramic slip moulding, model board.
  • CNC lab – metal, wood, model block, most materials and Laser cutting.
  • 3D Scanning lab – custom scanning for surface analysis, microscopy and image capture.
  • Photography lab – digital and analogue, also fully equipped B&W darkroom, print and colour analysis – spectroscopy, colourimetry.
  • Robotic lab – collaborative robots with computer vision system.
  • Graphene lab – padding (coating) machine), infra red dyeing machine, tensile testing, atomic force microscopy, optical microscope, Dimatix printer, solar simulator.

What we are looking for

The aim of the call is to test collaborative projects to solve real problems which can then be scaled up  into possible further development opportunities such as knowledge transfer partnerships, grant applications, contract research or training.

Types of support:

Proof of principle laboratory projects
Product testing and validation
Near real-world technology testing
Concept development, prototyping and testing for a new, physical product 
Feasibility through virtual computer aided rendering and rapid prototyping
Producing a physical prototype or mock-up
Bespoke software and hardware development
Consultancy on workflow
Consultancy to develop new routes to market 

Who can apply

The call is open to self-employed, sole traders, start-ups, entrepreneurs, founders/managers of newly formed businesses or mature small, medium or large sized businesses.

How to apply

Proposals will be submitted electronically following this form.

Data Protection (GDPR)

The information you provide as part of your application will be available to the Project and Finance staff at UWE Bristol involved in the management of the Vouchers project. We will not pass this Information on to any other organisations or third parties. The Beneficiary will need to agree that information may be used for project evaluation purposes and to participate in any evaluation exercise.

How to apply

Proposals should be no longer than 2,500 words. Please include:

  • description of the idea/issue to solve (500 words)
  • short description of your business
  • technologies/skills requested
  • indicative time-line – if you are successful we will develop a detailed workplan with you 
  • Possible identification of the next phase (i.e. KTP, grants)


The deadline for submission of the form is 30 September 2022.

The collaboration must be completed by the end of February 2023.

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