Laura Morgan – Kind Materials Systems (recording available)

Integrating bio-colour and laser finishing for kinder textile design.

This talk will showcase the recent work by ​Senior Research Fellow, Dr Laura Morgan and Research Associate / MA Design graduate Rosy Heywood. As textile design researchers, they are fuelled by a desire to disrupt the systemic problems with the way we design and use textiles. The environmental and social impacts of dyeing, printing and finishing have become some of the most damaging characteristics of the textile industry. The resulting water and air pollution has devastating effects on dye house workers and aquatic ecosystems, exacerbated by global mass production.

Laura and Rosy have researched ​sustainable alternatives to chemical dyeing and finishing, integrating bio-based dyeing processes with laser technology. This talk will showcase some results from their research at the Centre for Print Research, evidencing how digital technology can be used in harmony with natural materials and coloration methods towards kinder material systems for textile design and production.


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